Nexus One Voice Quality Victory Via Audience A1026 Voice Processor


One of the less “sexy” specs/features of the Nexus One is the existence of a 2nd microphone that allows for active voice cancellation. Basically, when you’re in places where there may be a lot of background noise it helps isolate your voice and more clearly transfer THAT voice information to the other end.

First and foremost your phone is a phone so while this improvement isn’t as noticeable in the grand scheme of things that is actually a GOOD thing. You (and the person you’re talking to) tend to only notice sound quality when the quality is poor and someone is complaining. That won’t often be the case with the Nexus One.

The amazing voice quality comes courtesy of the Audience A1026 Voice Processor. The company has modeled their processor based on how the actual human ear works and you can watch a video about this, although I’ll warn you its probably over your head.


I know you’re smart and all, I’m just saying.

They also allow you to listen to different scenarios with and without the Audience Processor to illustrate how the company improves your experience. This isn’t likely to pitch any tents but it’ll make your overall voice experience better… now its time to work on that 3G connectivity.

[Via VentureBeat]

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  1. hey rob, only thing ‘over my head’ is your mom’s android legs.. oooooooh, burrrrrrn.
    j/k rob. keep up the good work.

  2. it’s essential for accurate voice recognition

  3. Why is it “One of the less “sexy” specs/features of the Nexus One”?

    I found it one of the most innovative

  4. Caramba – I would agree. But if you tell the “normal” person which they think is cooler between Live Wallpapers, 5MP Camera with LED Flash or better voice reception is “sexiest” I doubt many would say the latter.

    My point is that it is probably underappreciated and deserves recognition, something it sounds like we agree upon.

  5. lol that was a nice video. And I too think that this might not be the sexiest feature, but still it is sexy as hell!

  6. Over our heads, lol, twas year 10 biology and some process flow charts.
    Good to see a product move from theory to realisation.

  7. now this is….dandy….I sure hope the new droid has this to. I bet the Nex 1 is even better on Verizon…whenever it is it comes in Verizon….hopfully this year,but if not a new droid is said to be kit this year so that will make prehaps a biger splash then perhaps the Nexus one….and that will just be to cool and dandy

  8. As I have mentioned in another thread, the voice recognition accuracy on the N1 is a huge improvement over previous phones hat I used (G1, Mytouch, Droid, iphone). This is due to Audience voice processor and the 2 microphones in the N1. Among the many demos that I have given over the past month, my friends & family are most impressed with the voice recognition. Using Google translator, I can say something in English, and it quickly translates that into other languages and even speak the foreign phrase in some languages (English, French, Chinese). I have also been able to dictate the whole email with little correction using the keyboard. Google VR still can have problems with names.

    I used to think physical keyboard is rather important, but the N1 is changing that.

  9. well, the better voice recognition is also due to the fact that it is not processed by your phone, but on the google servers.

  10. So why is the audio quality when recording video so terrible? To date the iPhone 3GS has the best audio quality when recording video for a cellphone.

  11. I would imagine the N1 is optimized for speech into the phone, done close to the phone, normal primary use. Recording video is the ambient surrounding sound. I would think getting the best from each would require different processing. It would be great if both could be optimal but there may be an element of either or here?, but if I had to choose, I think the close up voice recognition is more key.

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