Dec 28th, 2009

Our own AndroidForums was responsible for a pretty sweet Nexus One scoop today in the quickly growing Nexus One Forum. In his daily perusal of the FCC, kwaping found mention of the Nexus One Bluetooth Desktop Dock which had a bunch of interesting inclusions you wouldn’t normally expect from a typical dock.


Hmmmm… why would a dock itself need bluetooth connectivity? Maybe for… connecting it to your freaking home entertainment system?


It’s very possible that part of Google’s “shock factor” with the Nexus One isn’t with the phone itself or applications on the phone… but with how your phone can interact with other pieces of hardware with the new Bluetooth APIs now found in Android 2.0. We haven’t seen these exploited (in a good way) thus far and they are relatively new, but that doesn’t mean Google hasn’t been working on them for quite awhile now.

We’re only a couple weeks from when some of the rumors say the Nexus One will be made available. Even if its by invite only, we’ll be hearing/seeing SOMETHING pretty soon, one would think. I hope your New Years Resolution isn’t to save money by buying less gadgets cause might break that rather quickly.

Of course resolutions are made to be broken… right? Although this was initially found on AndroidForums, we’ve gotta give credit to the guys at Engadget for finding the needle in the haystack.

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