Acer Liquid A1 Video Demo, Getting Android 2.0 In 2010


The Acer Liquid A1 currently launches with Android 1.6 but if you’re craving Android 2.0 fear not – it will start shipping in 2010 with 2.0 in tact. That would LIKELY mean that carriers will also push OTA updates to bring your A1 up to date but that can’t be promised. Sometimes these tricky characters like to keep you a step behind so you have to buy another phone to catch yourself up. I wouldn’t COUNT on that time of sliminess but you can never count it out.

Check out this video demo done by TecholoShree… the same dude who did the Liquid A1 unboxing:

Does this make anyone really want the A1 or really not want the A1 any more?

If you’re in the UK and you’ve got your A1 or are considering it… check out our Acer A1 Forum!

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  1. I like this phone. Sad it is coming to AT&T as I want to leave the carrier behind.

  2. I want this phone. But rooted, running stock android and using full capabilities of the processor

  3. It doesn’t change the look of the phone. So much bezel, so toylike.

  4. if it was rooted i would wanna have it

  5. The phone is kinda ugly and the custom software is stupid. I’m with cymon, root it and run stock android and it’ll be pretty nice.

  6. if this was running sense i would have bought it the second it was available

  7. Hello

    I’d like to know about the battery life of this phone, please ?
    How long did you play with it before having to charge it ?

    Thnkas in advance.

  8. if you want more info about the liquid, head over to the modaco forums.

    From what i’ve seen there:
    The liquid is rooted
    It can be underclocked (hopefully overclocking will come soon)
    Battery life is about 16 hours of constant 3g use (eg mail push).

    From what i’ve heard, people are extremely happy with this phone, some even saying it is worth $100 more than they payed. The price tag is a real plus.

    Mine should arrive monday! Looking forward to being able to put 2.0 on!

  9. can someone provide the apk for nemo player looks alot better than the stock android player

  10. Are you guys absolutely SURE that this phone will get the android 2.0 upgrade……..because I haven’t seen any official response anywhere about it….apart from this site:


    which is apparently an official response, in which acer say that an android 2.0 upgrade ISNT planned at present.

  11. (i know that says at present, which means it could be made available in 2010. But i just want to know what your source was)

  12. The head of Acer smartphone France has confirmed that an update will be available in march!

    (in French)

    Excerpts google translated:

    “I can assure you 100% now that Acer Liquid will actually updating Android 2.0.x, information came to us directly from Augustine Becquet, the Director of Acer Smartphones France.
    (…) Android version 2.0 will be available later in March 2010 on the Acer Liquid, which met on this very successful business. We are exploring ways to update over the air “or” download “via the website http://www.acer.fr.

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