Sony Ericsson J10 Coming To GreenHeart?



“As a general rule of thumb, we’d say that whenever you hear rumors of an Android-powered candybar with a numeric keypad, it’s probably going to end in tears. Such might be the case with Sony Ericsson’s codename “Susan,” a device originally thought to accompany the X10 in the company’s brand-spanking-new Android line but now apparently thought to be a simpler QVGA dumbphone coming to market as the J10 with WiFi and a 5 megapixel cam with flash. Not as exciting, no — but the good news is that the phone should come in as a member of the GreenHeart line, meaning that it’ll probably be made of eco-friendly materials and get packed in with an ultra-low or zero-power draw charger (when there’s no phone attached, anyway). No word on pricing or release just yet.”

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  1. aww, i wish they would make a phone like this with more of a punch so android could have a smartphone like the BB pearl.

  2. Sorry but the Pearl is ugly, how about the BB Tour?

  3. i wish they would take their aino, add hardware buttons and an optical mouse to the front, and convert it to a qwerty, and run android…now that would be an SE winner for sure!

  4. wow someone’s geting desperate with all these android phones. get an iphone, jailbreak it, and revel in cydia.

  5. ah, but with you android, you don’t have to jailbreak anything :D

  6. …sick of my iphone and cydia. extremely jealous of my wifes droid…hoping I won’t have to wait much longer for the passion/bravo.

  7. God no I will feel sorry for any android dumbed down o r flipped out. Plus most Android Apps are touch screen apps so it couldn’t work or if it could it would be pointless and stupid.

  8. Tell me one thing… how in the hell are you going to be able to cram android into that phone huh? it wouldn’t be an android experience.

  9. This seems like a good idea imo
    not all android apps require a touch screen. the os can be controlled with a button and a trackball or dpad. in that case, developers can target a different platform or target more than one platform. because, some people want a phone that has basic hardware features. my friends mom would enjoy this phone. and she doesnt even have to download a single app or mess with extra features. i work with people all day, and most people just have a phone with a t9 buttons and navigational buttons.

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