Samsung Galaxy2 Already Hits Rumor Mill2


I can’t believe it has already been zero days since Bell launched the first Galaxy as its very first Android device.  It seems like only earlier today! Finally, rumor rolls around for the successor – Galaxy2!


According to PhoneReport – super secret ninja that shall not be named, Eldar Murtazin, has got his hands on the Galaxy2 and had a rather enjoyable experience.

The phone reportedly packs an awesome 32GBs of internal memory and a 4″ AMOLED display.  Said to run Android 2.1 and launch the second quarter of 2010.

We’ll keep an eye out for you but as per usual – if you see something on this before we do, let us know!

[ phonereport ]


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  1. The only drawback of so much internal memory is that you cannot replace it with faster access memory (like upgrading your micro-SDHC allows you)… likely this included memory does not meet the Class 6 speeds currently available for micro-SDHC cards… not to mention the speed equivalent to Class 10 micro-SDHC cards that will be readily available by next summer.

    I would prefer to have dual micro-SDHC card slots with a 32gb preinstalled in one of the two rather than so much internal memory…

  2. what carrier?

  3. Fine, but the problem is that Samsung has shown they are not able (or willing) to handle OS upgrade on a released phone. This means, that by the time the “new Galaxy” will get out, an Android v3 might be out, and you might end up in the same “deprecated product” scenario that the Galaxy owners are suffering at this time.

    Samsung has to answer on this major issue, their credibility on Android is jeopardized and ability to answer to people from HTC and Motorolla is chalenged.

    Sammies where are you ? what are you doing ? why are you living your babies alone in the dark ?

    Sad, as the Samsung hardware is most of the time supperior altough it lacks some cool design and polished look and feel (those who have tried the Galaxy will get what I mean … think how to put the phone ON for instance… c’m’on is this a joke).

    Time is playing against Samsung’s will. Customer will make their choices.

  4. @Ben – Do they allow for installing apps on SD cards now? Else big amount of internal memory is nice.

  5. 2nd quarter of 2010 that shit will be outdated! (said jokingly, but it’s not too far fetched)

  6. …just as samsung announces a competing OS. I’m sick of the mobile manufacturers muddying the waters while attempting to introduce controls that will make the carriers happy when awesome stuff like maemo and android already exist. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed playing with my co-worker’s moment for the last couple of days….very nice device, but Samsung is almost dead to me.

  7. If the Galaxy 2 has a 4″ screen, then the phone’s gotta be about 5.3″ long according to that pic. Sooooo no dice 4 me

    1. David: that is just a galaxy with a 2 shopped on..

  8. “…just as samsung announces a competing OS.”

    I was under the impression that bada is a featurephone OS, not another smartphone OS.

  9. “2nd quarter of 2010 that shit will be outdated! (said jokingly, but it’s not too far fetched)”

    I dunno…everyone else is so stingy with the internal memory that it would be a big deal if we saw a phone with 1 gig, let alone 32. And AMOLED is Samsung’s pride and joy.

  10. Too many Quarters away….BOOOOOOO!

  11. @tmofan – maybe the handset manufacturers are starting to line up for the business when us G1 early adopters begin upgrading in November 2010. I can’t wait to see what my choices will be!

    The G1 is still reasonably competitive over a year after release – runs 1.6, Google nav and most of the cool new stuff. But I can’t help thinking things will be very different in 11 months…

  12. interesting, but that’s too far away to get excited.

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