Dec 2nd, 2009

Good morning Phandroidians! (Is that a word?) I’ve been searching the webs high and low this morning for some Android news to present you with.  I got a few things… So here we are with another roundup!

..aaaaaand off we go!

Accumulate launches support for Android


“Users of Android mobiles can now use the Accumulate mobile security solutions for identification, authentication, and signing on the internet and to make secure payments with mobile phones in stores and online.”

A couple of quotes from the press release:

“The amount of users of Android mobiles is growing rapidly. Using Accumulates Mobile Everywhere solutions, these users can now pay with mobile at merchants and do login at their internet bank instead of having special security devices and the alike. We also see that businesses use of Android is taking off, and enabling companies and organizations with our solution will introduce very cost-effective and secure solutions. One example is login to the corporate VPN using the mobile phone as security device”, says Stefan Hultberg, CEO of Accumulate.

– Another example is that users of PayEx Mobil, a mobile payment service based on Accumates security platform, can now use Android mobiles to pay for purchases in store and online, and transfer of money person-to-person, “says Stefan Hultberg.

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Spotify Mobile – 2.0 users will have to wait


Well, raskall over at XDA made a post this morning saying Spotify is not working on 2.0.  He emailed Spotify support and got the following response:

“Thanks for the mail. We currently only work on 1.5 platform but we are looking in to getting more versions of Android, but it’s difficult to guess a timeframe. We will post on the blog for news like this so please keep an eye!”

…and raskall goes on to say “Please, please, please folks. If you use spotify mobile, send the same request to If they realize a lot of people wants Spotify in Eclair, maybe they prioritize getting it working.”

So there you have it. If your a Spotify addict, you better get on that if you anticipate 2.x is pushed to your device one day!

HTC Touch.B – Looks like Brew

In a roundup post yesterday we touched on the Touch.B that’s starting to get some news. There has been some speculation on what OS it might run, and many were hoping for Android. But, just poking around this morning, it appears that isn’t going to be the case.

Sorry folks. :(

FlipShare 5.0


“Now Flip Video users can Instantly Share their Favorite Videos to Facebook, Mobile Phones, and even TVs”

FlipShare Mobile Features:

  • Available for iPhone, Blackberry, and Google’s Android platform (at no cost)
  • Mobile Devices currently supported: Apple iPhone, iPod touch; Blackberry Curve 8520, Curve 8900, and Bold 9000; Google G1 (T-Mobile) and MyTouch (T-Mobile)
  • View favorite FlipShare videos and photos
  • Access their personal Flip Channels
  • Watch Flip Channels from friends and family
  • Create playlists (iPhone) and favorites
  • Share videos by email or on Facebook
  • Users can find the links for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android mobile apps on the site or at their respective app store

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Alright, millions of Flip owners. How many of you are G1/MyTouch users, too? The app is there in the Market.  If you give it a go, let us know!

Dell Mini in Brazil – No Market??


“Hey, Dell: looking for the absolute quickest way to screw up your first entry into the dog-eat-dog smartphone industry? Well, removing the Market app from your Android load is a solid way to start. Yeah, you heard that right — according to Brazilian site Zumo, the all-important Android Market was nowhere to be found on the Mini 3iX it had an opportunity to play with, rendering software discovery and installation about as easy as a WinMo device from three years ago. It seems that Dell’s “strategy” here is to have users download apps directly from their sources — a practice that typically needs to be manually enabled on an Android device as a security override — and get the rest of their wares from proprietary stores, presumably operated by the carrier, Dell, or both. On the bright side, the 3iX includes the WiFi radio that its Chinese doppelganger lacks and features a generous 3.5-inch display, 3 megapixel camera, 3G support, and a completely button-free face that looks particularly sexy in this low-light shot. Dell’s apparently commenting that Brazilians can expect the 3iX in shops in 2010 — possibly in the first quarter — which should give ’em just enough time to un-make that deal-breaking Market mistake prior to launch.”

Via engadget

Viosoft Announces Android(TM) Adoption Kit for MIPS-Based(TM) Digital Multimedia Designs – $995

“CAMPBELL, Calif. and SUNNYVALE, Calif., Dec. 2, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Viosoft Corporation today announced availability of the Android(TM) Adoption Kit for MIPS-Based(TM) digital multimedia designs, continuing the push of Android on MIPS(R) solutions into the digital home and beyond. The Android Adoption Kit includes Sigma Designs’ Vantage 8654 Development Platform, the Viosoft Arriba IDE/Debugger, access to the latest Android on MIPS and Linux source code from the MIPSAndroid community portal, and online support from Viosoft. The Android Adoption Kit is designed for non-commercial use and includes everything necessary for individuals and organizations to rapidly explore and experiment with Android software development and deployment on MIPS-Based platforms.”

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That concludes today’s (first?) roundup. I do appreciate the comments and have updated the last posts thanks to a couple. Keep them coming!  In the meantime, I’ll keep searching for Android tidbits here and there so we can get the news out to you.