Nov 24th, 2009

There is no doubt who the Motorola Droid advertising is targeted towards: Men 18+. And a new survey from YouGov’s BrandIndex (we’re not sure how they measure/compile it) suggests that the Motorola Droid advertising campaign hasn’t only caught your eye, but changed your perception of a once struggling company. In short: Apple and RIM brand loyalty is being pummeled by stealth fighters and shunned in robot voices.


Props to Chris Ziegler from Engadget for his funny explanation of this news blip:

Glowing red cyborg eyes, bombs dropped from stealth fighters, emotionless calls of “DRRROOOIIID” every time you get a text message — it’s enough to scare yesterday’s lunch out of anyone. Verizon’s no-holds-barred advertising campaign for the Motorola Droid has been so hellishly frightening overwhelmingly successful, in fact, that it appears to be paying dividends either directly or indirectly against Moto’s biggest rivals. YouGov’s BrandIndex — an ongoing survey measuring brand loyalty through some secret-sauce methodology that only analysts would fully comprehend — shows a marked spike in Moto’s score in the critical adult male category, while Apple and RIM have taken hits over the same period.

Then again, it wasn’t long ago people were bragging and boasting the same way about the Palm Pre. And then they launched those horrific ads. How quickly the tides change.

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