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There is no doubt who the Motorola Droid advertising is targeted towards: Men 18+. And a new survey from YouGov’s BrandIndex (we’re not sure how they measure/compile it) suggests that the Motorola Droid advertising campaign hasn’t only caught your eye, but changed your perception of a once struggling company. In short: Apple and RIM brand loyalty is being pummeled by stealth fighters and shunned in robot voices.


Props to Chris Ziegler from Engadget for his funny explanation of this news blip:

Glowing red cyborg eyes, bombs dropped from stealth fighters, emotionless calls of “DRRROOOIIID” every time you get a text message — it’s enough to scare yesterday’s lunch out of anyone. Verizon’s no-holds-barred advertising campaign for the Motorola Droid has been so hellishly frightening overwhelmingly successful, in fact, that it appears to be paying dividends either directly or indirectly against Moto’s biggest rivals. YouGov’s BrandIndex — an ongoing survey measuring brand loyalty through some secret-sauce methodology that only analysts would fully comprehend — shows a marked spike in Moto’s score in the critical adult male category, while Apple and RIM have taken hits over the same period.

Then again, it wasn’t long ago people were bragging and boasting the same way about the Palm Pre. And then they launched those horrific ads. How quickly the tides change.

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  1. The Blackberry ‘Love’ campaign just isn’t working very well.

  2. The only (ok the biggest) reason the droid is even remotely successful is because it’s an Android phone supported by Google!!

    If it were WinMo, RIM or some other OS it’d just be another brick in the wall.

  3. It seems to me that there is no clear correlation between the Moto’s loyalty increase and the decrease seen in both Apple and RIM’s loyalty.

    It looks like Apple and RIM have been decreasing for a while and Motorola has bee hanging out in roughly the same place.

  4. No, I don’t think most people know the difference between one OS and the other. The difference is that this phone screams out “XBox” while the other phones scream out “Nintendo Wii.”

  5. @AlexDroid

    So… what you’re saying is the Droid is successful only because it doesn’t suck? Well, I guess that’s just as good a reason as any other.

    I also don’t see Apple and RIM’s brand loyalty decline being blamed on the Droid. Thing is… there are people missing in the graph. You see a decline from two manufacturers, but strangely enough, Motorola’s brand loyalty doesn’t rise. Instead it stays relatively the same. Looks to me like there is another culprit afoot not shown on the graph.

  6. going back to ads, at&t just came out with an ad(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3PbBmElObI) claiming its network is able to handle simultaneous voice and data access whereas verizon doesn’t. i’ve been researching about this for sometime and haven’t got a clear answer if verizon is able or not. if the ad is true, it could just diminish the droid’s functionality. i can just imagine i’m using turn-by-turn navigation to find my way to a meeting in downtown l.a. or s.f. and i get a call from the party i’m meeting… what to do? should i take the call and lose map data and lose my self in the city’s notorius 1-way streets or just ignore the call and hope the time or venue has not changed.
    can anyone with a droid(on verizon) try out this scenario and share with us readers how it plays out? Rob, if you can weigh in on this, we your readers will appreciate it so much.

  7. Brand loyalty for the past month? MOT had less than 5% market share in October… and now the Brand loyalty suddenly jumped up…

    Did Motorola buy someone lunch?

  8. @Nom
    Verizon uses CDMA AT@T uses GSM. CDMA networks/phones can NOT Handle voice and data simultaneously….. at the moment. this may change in the future.

  9. Jason….I just did it on my Droid…called my friend…and then went on the internet…why does AT&T think this is true? I just did it….

  10. hmm not sure, it was my understanding CDMA wasn’t capable of that. And people have been saying that before at@t stated that so, now I’m clueless. shrugs, guess i was wrong. But Ive heard that many times before. But even if it were the case that i couldn’t have simultaneous voice and data, it wouldn’t be enough to make me chosse GSM over CDMA.

    In my opinion CDMA is the superior choice it has more opportunities for advancement. AT@t is prolly gonna switch to CDMA.. one day when there falling behind. It is a market thing at the moment.

  11. So what if AT@T has that functionality and VZN doesn’t? I have a friend who has an iPhone who as bragging to my friend who had a Droid. He even offered to show us this “amazing” feat. He called the Droid and my other friend answered it, while he was gloating, he opened safari and attempted to load google and waited…and waited…and waited. Finally my Droid friend got fed up, hung up and loaded the page in less than 5 seconds. That’s right, it doesn’t matter if AT&T’s service is faster…it doesn’t count for jack if the signal is crap. Also I’ll point out that saying it’s faster doesn’t mean that it’s a TON faster. It’s like comparing the graphics on the 360 and PS3…there is a tiiiny difference, but it’s negligible when comparing signal strength. Why do you think VZN has been touting it’s 3G network vs. AT&T? Because it’s 3G network specifically is larger…AT&T’s networks is just a bit faster with a functionality that personally I don’t care about. Yay for being able to use the net while holding the phone up to your ear where you can’t see the screen. :/

    …also AT&T snuffed google voice/ doesn’t have an Android device yet. S***w ’em I say.

  12. I don’t understand why Apple is getting involved. Everyone will just bring up the fact that iPhone doesn’t multitask very well (unless you hack it which pretty much defeats the whole point of the iPhone)

  13. @Jonathan
    You were using WiFi to access the internet while your phone was using CDMA for the voice call. Turn off the WiFi, or go somewhere where you don’t have WiFi service and it won’t work.

    I expect VZW & co will have LTE deployed in the next 1.5-2 years. At that point it won’t be a problem. In the meantime, that’s simply one tradeoff between CDMA/EV-DO and GSM/WCDMA.

  14. On Droid u can do google map and phonecall simulteneously. yesterday I was driving home using google talking directions and wife called. While I was talking to wife, google lady was also talking giving me accurate directions. Wife asked me who is the lady sitting next to u :)

  15. @ari-free I agree that most people have no idea about the OS. When I was checking out the droid phones launch weekend, people were asking me about the differences between the two (for some reason)… and When I mentioned the different versions of Android, they would say, “What’s Android?” I think it’s hard for commentators on this site to understand that most people have no clue…

  16. Who wants to see some short haired tart disinterestedly dancing around to a sickeningly sweet cotton candy song playing in the background?

    I want advertising that makes me confident my device will play a critical role in my attempts at world domination!

  17. Well, all I have to say is that women can appreciate android as well, and Moto had better move beyond young men if they want the $$$.

  18. I almost bought an iPhone when it first came out and when the 3GS came out. So glad I didn’t. Droid is amazing. The ‘lil guy is actually being used as tether (modem) device so that I can type this message on my PC using it’s 3G internet. Me and my wife have a bunch of pet ferrets in pens outside and we realized that they needed to be fed last night, but couldn’t find a flashlight. I had an idea. I searched flashlight in Android Market and got an app that turns the camera flash into a flashlight/ morse code emitter. It may be a simple thing, a flashlight, but it’s one of many things it can do that iPhone can’t. Yes, the camera-flash-light was ALOT brighter than just using a white display as a light. I’m sold on Android. Looking forward to more Android phones/ netbooks in the future.

  19. get a droid only $119 on dell.com

  20. Tmobile has horrible marketing, I still think if the marketing people at verizon worked for t mobile the droid would be a lot more popular.

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