Acer A1 Priced, Dated And Liquified


For the UK’s Acer fans, the wait is almost over! According to UK retailer Clove, the Acer Liquid A1 will launch in the UK later this month.

The Acer Liquid A1 will be sporting a Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon processor, which will be underclocked to 768MHz. It also features a 3.5 inch WVGAcapacitive touchscreen, 512 MB of ROM, 256 MB of RAM, a 5 megapixel camera, GPS, WiFi, 3G, and a 1,350 mAH battery. It will also come with a 2 GB micro SD card. All of this is in line with what we’ve heard earlier.

Indeed, it appears that Rob was ahead of the game back in October when he wrote this article back in October. The phone will not be running Android 2.0, but it seems that “Liquid” is the name of Acer’s custom UI. Liquid, as Rob stated earlier is a non-invasive enhancement, a happy medium between MotoBlur’s social focus and HTC Sense’s almost complete overhaul. Acer has designed some new widgets, a new multimedia dashboard, a new dialer, and a task managing app switcher.

So far there is no word on a U.S. release date, but the phone will be launching in the UK at the end of November for £286, or $481. With its sleek design and excellent specs, Acer is sure to make a splash in the realm of Android when the A1 launches!

[Via Geek.com, blog.clove.uk]

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  1. Holy crap! Someone knows how to decently price a phone! Sony needs to be taking notes.

  2. It’s looking sweet.

  3. that’s a good price! A1 beats X10 hands down!

  4. I agree if the Xperia X10 was around $500 it would a done deal for me. But this looks nice too ;)

  5. I presume that this is £286 unlocked and not on a contract ?

    If it is then it is really competing with the like of the HTC Hero which can be bought for about £270 unlocked and not on contract. Will just have to wait and see if it performs as well as I hope.

  6. If this was sold by Sprint I would buy it today.

  7. i want vanilla android 2.0 on a faster bigger screened g1.

  8. The £286 is excluding VAT though, so you’ll have to add 15% to that. £329, or $544 (US) is more accurate for most people.

    That said, Expansys.se just listed the same phone for even less – 3590 SEK (~$517 US). Check this article at the Swedish Android site Swedroid (translated via Gogle):


  9. @jeremy so you basically want the droid? ;)

  10. Yeah, if this ran 2.0 or even 1.6 it would be a dream come true (when it came to US.) Unfortunately I can’t get excited about things that run a custom version of Android.

  11. Though, if it gets rooted eventually that would definitely be sweet. But not being a HTC device, XDA wouldn’t come in handy… gah…

  12. Why has the processor been underclocked? Just to save battery life?

  13. Funny thing is that the Actual A1 never get’s used in articles.. The accompanied picture is a (nicer than the actual A1) render..

  14. @ david
    no jeremy probably wants a bigger larger g1 keyboard with non flat separate keys. and keypad on the left.
    still no date for the milestone in france… :/

  15. holy dogcrap! now that is a phone and that is how you sell it!

  16. A-man & Dominick: I don’t get where you get your information, but the only official information about the X10 says it’s just about $100 more expensive than that one… So I guess the improved features speaks for itself

  17. Defffinitely liking the “task managing app switcher” the icon-based one now just isn’t as natural as the palm pre or what i’ve seen of the maemo os.

    If you ask me, holding the home button should bring up a 3×3 grid of screenshots of your open apps (perhaps even with the app’s icon semi-transparently overlaid on top) and for not open but recently used apps just have the icon.

    Of course, it’s not up to me so i can only hope google realizes this can be improved and doesn’t just leave it up to third parties

  18. To Wagster: Correct. Most likely they opted to underclock this one instead of using a slower CPU, which would be much kinder on battery life. iPhone is also an underclocked CPU…very common approach being used in Netbooks too.

  19. Yes, it looks awesome from the specs. BUT, why does it have to be Acer?!! In my experience, Acer’s quality control is horrid. I was burned too many times, and I no longer purchase their products.

  20. And to you, Daniel, I ask the same question.

  21. You can read this test for the Acer Liquid but it’s french ;)

  22. A Man: Just follow my URLs in the comments on the article about the X10 price. I think it’s rather low spreading rumors about it being expensive, without official statements.

  23. @Craig
    Isnt that how it currently works? If I hold my home button down I get a 2×3 window showing the last 6 apps I used….?

  24. @daniel over on androidcentral they show the X10 is priced at $879 and in the same article its told that “WMExperts spent a good $867 on the XPERIA X1 earlier this year”

  25. @bking

    That’s how it works on the Droid. Long press on Home button gives the last 6 apps used, whether they’re open or not.

  26. @daniel

    I see you’re also spreading rumors about it being cheap without official statements. As maddmatt02 states, the X1 also had a rather high price tag. For the time being, who should we look towards for the truth? You? Nah. I’ll rely on history and the experts for the time being until more info is spread on the subject.

  27. well, not too bad from Acer, but i think they are good in notebooks and pc hardwares not comm handheld. can’t beat Xperia, no way. Sony Ericsson Rocks!!!

  28. @twrock… well said. there are heaps better contenders in handheld field. who cares’bout acer.

  29. well I’ve looked at the network frequencies and it doesn’t seem to support T-Mobile 3g. so i guess in American market it seems to support at&t network… god when is T-Mobile going to get a decent android phone to replace my G1 with. All the other handsets on T-Mobile are just a little bit better then the G1. And that’s not enough to put down 300 or 400 dollars on.

  30. X10 has many shortcomings compared to Droid
    1)No Flash,so no camera/video capture at night
    2)Android 1.6 vs Droid has Android 2.0
    3)No Ambient Light sensor( Display brightness automatically adjusts as per the outside light – dark vs bright )
    4)No Voice activated google maps navigation
    5)Video capture for X10 is at lower resolution then Droid
    6)Biggest of all: No physical keypad
    7)Price for X10 is more then four times of Droid
    8)Comes with only 8GB transflash vs Droids 16GB transflash card

  31. @David: no I want nothing to do with verizon ever again since my last encounter with them. My wife works for tmob so I get cheap service and yearly discounts.

    @togusa: you nailed it, 4 inches at least with trackball, front facing cam, snapdragon or better, 5 row qwerty, and of course plain new android 2.0. Could this be the rumored google phone? I hope so…. after all…… google had a hand in the g1. Maybe they will make a super G1.

  32. As an OS android may be capable Vs anything other than the iphone and perhpas winmo but the apps all look like they have very basic graphics… what’s with that?

    Will they ever get the look and quality feel of iphones apps or are they just not capable?

    RE: The A1, at least it doesn’t have a slide qwerty -because pandering to business users, technophobes and the obese fingers is not a good strategy for long term growth.

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