Nov 20th, 2009 publishUpdated   Feb 20th, 2015, 2:27 pm

htc-hero-sprint-02In the last 48 hours most of our Sprint Hero readers are reporting major performance improvements in Sprint’s latest firmware update.

According to user comments from our firmware report people in general have experienced better picture quality, more function buttons during calls and a faster UI interaction.

James writes, ” I noticed there is now a speaker and mute icon on the touch screen during a call. You had to click the menu button and select the options from there before this update.”

While Pet reported, “the camera lag is shorter,” and “more ring tones.”

Overall, the update was supposed to address issues with:

  • Boot caching issues.
  • Broken app names.
  • SMS draining the battery.
  • Not Receiving SMS messages when the Inbox is full or low on memory.
  • Memory leak due to connected bluetooth device.
  • Stereo headphone sound quality.
  • Hero dialer using too many CPU resources.
  • Daylight savings time issue.

However, not everyone has enjoyed a pleasant firmware upgrade.

Brooke wrote, “I did the update, then restarted the Hero – now my pictures are constantly blurry, it looks like I’m taking them through a plastic film.”

Adding to the upgrade issues Lucas stated, “I no longer have a connection to the internet. Disabling/Enabling the internet connection does not fix.”

There are still a couple of people who have not received the update. This might be due to their network reception issues or Sprint selecting a few users to see how well the update goes.

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