Verizon’s New Entry in its Anti-AT&T Onslaught


Remember the popular iDon’t commercials that Verizon launched nearly a month ago? Even though AT&T filed a lawsuit against Verizon over it, the attack ads continue. Once again, Verizon has managed to pull out an aggressive, creative, and funny commercial from it’s marketing department.This time around, the iPhone is on the Island of Misfit Toys. Hilarity ensues. Check it out:

AT&T’s lawyers added this commercial to the previous lawsuit, and in it they describe the commercial as best as they can:

The spotted elephant, in a surprised manner, asks the iPhone “What are you doing here? You can download apps and browse the web!” and a Dolly for Sue asserts that “Yeah. People will love you [the iPhone].”

After the great quality ads that Verizon has been pumping out lately, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

Via [Engadget]

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  1. If at&t’s 3g is that wack,I wonder what tmobile’s 3g map looks like!! And I have tmobile. I live and work in the dc/md metro area. Its rare that I even see that 3g on the top of my screen unless I’m at a train station. Booooooo maybe I should move to the train station huh tmobile?? Losers(tmobile and their 3g network)

  2. I’m wondering why they are tearing up the IPhone when I hear from an internal source that they will HAVE the IPhone come early next year.

  3. Old news. But still, good adverts!

  4. @Phil: I don’t think that they’re tearing into the iPhone per se with the latest round of commercials (although the iDon’t commercial certainly was). But the latest round of commercials seem to be just taking jabs at AT&T and their lack of 3G coverage. And from what I’ve heard, the 3G is pretty bad. I have a few friends with 3GS’s (here in San Jose [home of Apple] of all places) and they leave their 3G option turned off because “there’s no point in running down your batteries looking for a signal that’s not even going to be there!” Ouch, ATT!
    But, if VZW does get the iPhone next year, I can see some commercials like “iPhone, finally at home on the network it was meant to be on in the first place”…even though Apple DID go to vzw in the first place and got rejected!
    Oh Verizon…such a great network, but SOOO prideful and cocky.

  5. haha ah man all three these commercials got an extended chuckle out of me. it’s good to see king kong and godzilla going at it.

  6. oh, and i like the way that they actually say that the iphone is a good piece of hardware, but it’s just on a piece of shit network.

  7. I think the commercials are creative and it would be unamerican not to jab your competitors. Anyway the map states that it is a 3G coverage map. If they said all coverage or something like that then I could see a case being made b/c they do have 2G coverage in those areas, but they didn’t. AT&T is like the kid that just got beat up from the play ground…dust it off and build a better network.

  8. Wow, only a week late??

  9. its genious. talk trash about the network the iphone is on. hype the droid over the iphone to get some good sales numbers and then in commercials still talking trash about ATT talk about how the iphone is good so that when carry the iphone, they can at least show some evidence that they always believed it was good instead of “we are now selling the iphone that we always thought was a piece of crap!”

  10. for the record they didnt get sued for the iDont commercial, it was for “there’s an map for that” commercial with the ATT vs VZN 3G coverage.. but ya.. doesnt really matter. love the commercial lol

  11. Holy last week, batman!

  12. Mmm… Yes, a tad late. Though I think the commercials are great.

  13. i was in a Verizon store the other day checking out the droid and those AT&T vs. Verizon maps were EVERYWHERE.

  14. while it’s true that verizon has the largest 3g coverage, i’m just wondering if it has got around to actually implementing simultaneous voice and data on its network. GSM 3G have always had the feature and the latest EVDO revision already supports it but the last i heard was that verizon’s implementation still prompts the user to either accept a voice call and stop data access or continue data and route the call to voicemail. anyone care to shed light on this matter?

  15. but the iPhone will always be a misfit toy as long as it keeps its restrictive app store policies.

  16. @coolmandingo you should probably notice that both verizon and at&t are both older than t-mo so t-mo has an excuse and also t-mobile is the fastest growing 3g phone company in the US plus you should do some investigation and see that t-mobiles 3g early next year will be 21mbps so try to beat that

  17. Att’s service got so bad here in Chicago that I switched to T-Mobile a few months ago. Very happy with the service here in chicago, no problems finding 3g coverage here. Would love to have an iPhone to run on T-Mobiles network but can’t afford the $600.00 will have to make due with mytouch for now. Att’s network sucks because of iPhone overload.

  18. to phil: is this “internal source” you speak of your large intestine?

  19. @coolmandingo, it sounds like you just got unlucky, because here in miami, i have tmobile 3g EVERYWHERE.

  20. there clownin on at&t man thats funny stuff… i jus hope this law suit dont affect the droid i dont have one but id feel super bad for all the people who jus bought one then sumthin bad happens to them cuz verizon gits sued or sumthin idk im tired rite now lol i gotta stop stayin up so late

  21. ari-free: Have you seen the iPhones sales numbers? It hardly seems like a misfit.

    There are tens of thousand of apps for it, even if the policy is strict, that is more than enough for 99% of its users.

    I’m all for Android but the iPhone still rocks. I don’t think there’s anyone who can deny that.

  22. As I much as I agree that iPhone Sales may be the highest of sales, I just say be patient and see. When Android continues its path to become more popular you will also get more developers which will probably start porting over apps to Android. I’m sure developers that want to sell will prefer to an OS that they can get consumers to buy across multiple carriers as opposed to just the iPhone on AT&T. Also when google finally decides to release the source code for Eclair, I think the competition is going to get better. I not saying Android will take over and destroy iPhone, no not at all, but I believe Android will be as popular and there will be so many phones running it that it will be hard to avoid! I’m sure most of you have to agree on that.

  23. The funniest cell phone commercial ever!

  24. @coolmandingo, I’ll echo phoenix’s sentiment. I live in the Tampa Bay area and after a few weeks with my Cliq (pre-ordered) have lost my 3G signal maybe once or twice and its a pretty large area. Very happy with T-mobile, the network and the Cliq.

  25. How on earth do you create a lawsuit claiming false advertising if it is true? They say 3G coverage and they show 3G coverage. ATT’s logic is that they cover a closer PERCENTAGE of total customers with 3G. Hello, they are showing a geographic map. Perhaps they have Miss Teen South Carolina on their legal team. “I believe that, most people don’t have access to 3G coverage maps, like the iphonelovers and the ATTlegalteam and like such as like customers don’t consider the map when they just want an Iphone like such as.” Hurt feelings does not a successful lawsuit make. Quit wasting our courts’ time with frivolous whining ATT (and that goes to any company that whines about something that is perfectly true).

  26. it’s so true I live here in san fransisco, I am a Davita dialysis nurse, Every hospital that we are assinged we need to be accredited. We Davita handle all Kaiser Permanente hospital and many other hospital who have a patient that needs dialysis, I am accredited to like 34+ hospital, name it Oakland, Kentfield ,Berkeley, San Jose, San Leandro, Union City, Fair Field, Redwood City, San Bruno, South San francisco, I will not type other places because it will fill this post lol. Everyday I need to go to 3 different hospital. I have 2 cellphone Verizon Driod and AT&T iPhone 3gs. Everytime I need to check emails on that places I always see edge on my AT&T iPhone, I see 3g every once in a blue moon. Then when I check my Verizon Driod it always have fast connection and I can tell you because I have apps on both phone that check the connection speed. (Speed Test) is free apps in I phone and on Moto Droid you can check the speed of the phones data connection. At&T really must admit they have connection all the time but on EDGE! AT&T must improve their 3g connection. I am really happy with verizon their ads for me “THERE’S A MAP FOR THAT” seems to be correct because I proved it on my own experience, I am just saying for my self not in general. I WISH VERIZON GETS THE IPHONE Q1 OF 2010, SO THEY CAN GET AT&T CUSTOMERS. and I dont mind ditching my AT&T contract even paying termination fee is not a problem, because why would I stay on a service just to a void paying termination fee? For me that is so dumb. I just want to get what I pay for. VERIZON please get iPhone Q1 of 2010, I cant wait for the iPhone Hybrid in Q3. But right now I am happy with moto Droid they even have an APPS that you can just type the mp3 that you want and download it direct to the phone lol. And its pretty fast when downloading mp3 and streaming video using verizon, at&t streaming video Sad to say their service for me really sucks. I am thinking now of paying the termination fee because right now I am Enjoying Moto Droid of Verizon and it does what my iPhone can do and the fact that it has google map that use as a GPS it will automatically go STREET VIEW before you got near the intersection, take note with ARROWS on the STREET VIEW on the Moto Droid how can u miss a turn. AT&T i will be visiting you this week afters PacQuio and Coto fight. A LOYAL CUSTOMER HERE FOR ALMOST 4 YRS FINALLY REALIZES TO DITCH YOUR SERVICE. HELLO VERIZON I AM AT YOUR LAND NOW AND WAITING FOR THE IPHONE.

    If I own Verizon I will let AT&T customer to have 1 or 2 weeks test of their service so they can convince that its worth paying the termination fee of AT&T and having 3g almost everywhere using Verizon service.

  27. by the way guys I know you all watched the Island of Misfit above right? Funny when I saw that, I did imagine myself being that iPhone then showing AT&T’s map lol. Seriously c”,)

  28. I think this ad is so funny and so true. The iphone really is in a bad spot. It’s like having a really nice Mercedes on shitty roads. I hope Apple comes to their senses next year. AT&T is a dead end. Any company that prefers to spend more time crying, restricting customers, and suing competitors for their own bandwidth impotence instead of fixing the problem is on an inevitable path to irrelevance.

    Anytime there is a new app that takes advantage of all the iphones capabilities and requires AT&T’s crap network to make it work there they are putting the restraints on it. How many apps never saw the light of day or were removed hours after posting because AT&T started bitching about bandwidth? The world may never know.

    I currently have an iphone unlocked on T-mobile. I love the phone, but as some of you may know you are stuck at EDGE speeds. Sucks, but it beats paying AT&T for the huge scam that is the iphone plan where you pay premium prices for mediocre to non-existent service. T-mobile may be slower with edge but at least I can use it free of AT&T shackles. Long live Cydia! I’m with many other posters here. I hope Apple opens the platform to other carries next year. Namely Verizon. Apple’s current business partner is making them look bad.

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