Sprint HTC Hero Rooted, Explained In Video


77543-sprint-heroIt seems that xda members are working hard. Well at least based on their latest accomplishments…

Members from the forum site were able to root Sprint’s Hero. To root one needs to reprogram the booting sequence and operating system.This way the phone can completely be manipulated.

According to the document’s creator chuckhriczko:

” This is meant for Windows but I will post instructions for linux as well (Ubuntu).”

A few people have tried with successful results. However, there are some questionable  steps that need to be done to reach this feat. The outcome could void the warranty of the phone and even cause the phone to become a very expensive paper weight.

Youtube video on a user explaining how to do it. For those who need visuals.

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  1. How about a rooting the Droid?

  2. I can confirm that this works great. I rooted my spring hero 2 days ago and installed the modaco rom and everything is working great. Wifi tether, a2sd, etc. Thanks XDA!

  3. their working on the droid now check the xda forums for more details

  4. Wow, Im really excited to see my video posted on my favorite android site… Brings a tear to my eye, thanks Phandroid :-)

  5. Droidz. I’m with you. But “patience Daniel-Son”

  6. Rooting my hero was a lot simpler than my G1 and safer too. This method for rooting provides little to no risk of bricking the phone. I’m currently running the only custom rom by Modaco.

  7. Is there a way to do this on a mac?

  8. Droid rooting / custom firmware probably won’t begin in earnest until Google releases the Android 2.0 source code.

  9. How about the Moment? Has that been rooted yet ?

  10. ive had my rooted sprint hero now for a few weeks and ive had no flaws. i ran the fresh rom, way faster, but i still havnt switched apps to sdcard yet. i dont even know what tethering is lol

  11. If I rooted my sprint htc hero will I be able to get the adobe flash player? Also will I be able to get all my application back & still be able to download from the android market? & would I be able to view my yahoo video mail as well?

  12. Fn hero ..was waitin 4 flash 10.1 now i need a newer fone wtf

  13. how can i install flash player on htc after ive hacked it

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