Samsung Behold 2: November 18th, $199.99 On T-Mobile


Plenty of people have been waiting quite awhile for the Samsung Behold 2 to land on T-Mobile and if you’re one of those people and you’ve got $199.99 to spare, it can be yours on November 18th. Of course that involves a 2-year contract but you could also buy the phone outright for $449.99.


The price is on the higher end of the Android price scale but with a 3.2″ inch AMOLED touchscreen, several hardware buttons and a 5MP camera with auto-focus and flash a $199.99 starting point is/was kind of expected. What IS pretty cool is T-Mobile’s new “Even More Plus Plans” will allow you to split the cost of the $449.99 phone into 20 monthly payments of $22.50 if you don’t feel prepared to drop half a G nuke on your bank account.

We’re not all that fond of the 3D cube UI but we’re definitely eager to see how the rest of the Samsung TouchWiz UI looks and feels incorporated with Android.

[Via TMOnews]

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  1. Clearly TMO’s using this phone to distract us while they labor away secretly on the REAL Android TMO phone that IS competitive. boy i cant wait for that

  2. No chance against Droid :(

  3. maybe if it was 100 or 150 to start……

  4. Rob,

    Can we get the rest of the specs? Hardware and such..

  5. heck i like it slap a rom on it and its good

  6. So I can have a useless cube UI on my Linux desktop and my Android phone. They’ll still need to add a cube to my TV and car radio to complete the uselss cube quadfecta.

  7. @davis… I only I hope that’s what tmo is up to. I’m seriously hoping because the cliq is for kids. That shit is the food of phones. I just came from the tmo store earlier today and tested out the samsung behold 2 and that phone was beautiful. The colors were great. The cube is gimmicky.it the keys on the screens were responsive. I’m getting this phone for my girl. But I’m waiting for a BEAST to come out from tmo. I know isn’t going let verizon and sprint shit on their parade.tmo better understand that without android and the g1 the would have lost more than 77,000 customers. I feel sorry for sprint ,they lost 545,000 in quater alone. DAMN. If tmobile doesn’t want to see them numbers they better wisen up.people care about the plans first and then the functionality and innovativeness of the phones they offer. That’s why I’ve been with tmobile since 2003.well for 2 years I had a sony ericcson p900 so that didn’t count!! Lol but I believe tmo can pull something out the trick back if not then its adios!! Good luck tmo. I’m tired of my g1 tmo and the cliq and behold2 aren’t enough.

  8. Looks like you got this one wrong. It’s $229 according to someone who was at the launch. You should get new leak sources.


  9. the g1 needs flashplayer also tmo ur talk about 3g service needs to be available. Tired of trying too show my friends stuff wilth slow service

  10. coolMANDINGO, which on is the BEAST that you are reffering to? I was considering buying the behold 2 (galaxy),but you have captured my attention.

  11. @coolMANDINGO…im with you my friend, i convinced my wife to let me buy our way out of our sprint contract so we could get G1’s, now its a full year later and Tmo offers the least capable phones of the Android carriers. Ironically they also offer the MOST android phones.

    Its just shameful, theyve got until my contract is up

    @teo neo, he’s just saying that SURELY tmo has something up their sleeve, theyre putting out mediocrity while their competition impresses. tmo’s a legit company and were the first ones on Android so its expected that they be aware of what their competition offers and then that they COMPETE with that.

  12. ugh you guys r dumb t-mobile is hott ;)

  13. I just played w/ a behold 2 @ the tmo store, and it isn’t bad. It is the first tmo ‘droid that I’ve seen that would even make me think about upgrading from my G1. Sure motoblur ui is pretty nice, but everyone knows the hardware is trash and it looks like a kid’s phone (cliq).
    The behold felt reasonably solid, and the screen was really sharp, hopefully the amoled screen also frees up some battery too. Visually it is a clean, stylish phone, not a monster, but still capable. The cube ui is a little stupid, but I’m sure a custom rom will fix that.
    Until a monster appears, this may give me something sleek to carry. To be honest, I too want a powerhouse in the 1ghz neigborhood. Something intelligently designed like the acer liquid.

  14. just came back from a tmo presentation new android phone due before jan 2010 its the htc aeon its going to have headphone jack 5 megapixel camera && android mousse 3.0

  15. I have the Behold 2, and it’s a pretty good Android phone. I say the best TMo offers at this moment. I dont like verizons droid, and would pick the Behold 2 over it anytime. I will say it does have a better processor, but the behold is still a good phone. half the people out there reading this wouldn’t know what to do with this phone or the droid to use it to its fullest capability, so I don’t see why everyone feels the need to jump on the newest “best” phone that comes out every 3 months.

  16. I think the behold 2 is the best droid from tmobile, I love the bigger screen and the OLED technology same as the nexus one. The processor is good enough for the average users, considering the 149 pricetag… Decent camera… Sure why not!

  17. behold 2 is way much better than the g1 n all shit android phone but droid its little better than behold 2 by an quarter inch but droid its too big

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