myTouch Fender LE…Where Art Thou?


t-mobile-mytouch-fender-back-ofc Many T-Mobile fans have blamed the Deutsch carrier for not getting their hands on the HTC Hero. T-Mobile had plans to release the myTouch Fender LE, but release had been pushed back to Q1 2010.

According to production files HTC had produced two different Magic phones. The PVT32A used 288 MB of RAM, while the PVT32B only had 192 MB of RAM.

The PVT32A had a 3.5 headphone jack, which is missing from the myTouch 3G. It was to come with a 16 GB microSD card filled with multimedia goodies.

Based on the specs, it’s better if Elvis just left the building. This phone will just seem REALLY outdated if it comes out Q1 2010. The beginning of the year will be all about 1GHz phones and though 528MHz has been tolerable come 3 month from now it will not.

One can only hope T-Mobile and HTC head back to the drawing board and comes out with something truly worthy of a Fender phone, not just a disguised Hero/myTouch 3G.
Ding! Idea, what if Android gets Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Then maybe the multimedia could interact with one of those games. That would be pretty sweet.

According to this chart designed by TMoNews the Fender LE is very similar in specs to the Hero.


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  1. What are the chances they’ll release this with the Sense UI? Or dare we dream Android 2.0?? Wishfull thinking I know…

  2. Android has Guitar Hero, its awful.

  3. Umm, I have the 32A (Rogers in Canada). No 3.5mm jack. Tt must be a revision of the existing 32A magic.

  4. TMobile just doesnt get it

  5. I agree with davis. TMo needs to go back to consumer to see what we want in an Android device. A 1 Ghz processor and Android 2.0 r and the 3.5 mm headphone jack are a must!

  6. foryunately the droid/shole is coming to t-mobile soon in 2010

  7. Thank you for using “where art thou” instead of the classic mistake of using “wherefore art thou”.


  8. Sorry T-mobile, but I have a new love now, and it’s name is Verison.

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