Nov 3rd, 2009

Some of you may be familiar with the company Novosoft.  Well, they have a product called Handy Backup which boasts a fair number of features. Encryption, on the fly compression, image backups, etc. You can read more about that if you like on their site. But what is relevant to US is that today they announced Handy Backup for Android. An excerpt:

By creating a portable version of Handy Backup, Novosoft provides owners of Android-based smartphones with an opportunity to back up their data independently of Google services. The current release supports backing up SMS messages, contacts, call logs and SD card data. Contacts are saved in VCard format, so they can be later imported to Outlook or other messaging software.

“While the application may look simple at the first sight, we actually developed the same architecture that we have in desktop version of Handy Backup,” said Mr. Prichalov. “Now it will be easy for us to extend the functionality with support for more data, various Android applications, capability to back up to network and FTP locations, and much more – just the way you can back up your PC with Handy Backup.”

Handy Backup for Android is free of charge and can be downloaded directly on your phone from the Android Market.

So as stated above – here is the official site for Handy Backup for Android. You can read more about it there but here’s a preview for ya:

At the moment, we are finishing a module that will allow users to back up data to FTP servers. Handy Backup’s architecture makes creation of such modules relatively easy and fast task!

Below is the list of other features related to Android backup that we are going to create in the nearest future:

  • Absolutely automatic backup. You will be able to schedule your Android backup tasks to take place automatically, for example each evening at midnight. To back up Android data to PC you will only need to make them see each other in the network.
  • Backup compression and encryption. If your phone’s memory card contains data that takes a lot of space, or that you want to limit access to, you’ll be able to enable ZIP backup compression or backup encryption.
  • Backup restoration options. At present, restoration procedure deletes all new contacts that appeared since the backup.

I don’t know how long it will take them to get all the planned features on board but – if any of you give this a shot let us know what you think!

Edit:  Alex, from Novosoft has left a comment with request for feedback so – if you have any ideas, speak up!