AT&T To Verizon: “We Gotta Rap For That!”


And to be clear, that’s:

Rap, [rap] – verb –

1. Slang. to criticize sharply: Critics could hardly wait to rap the play.

2. Slang. to talk or discuss, esp. freely, openly, or volubly; chat.


3. Slang. to talk rhythmically to the beat of rap music.


You undoubtedly remember the Verizon jabs at AT&T with the “There’s a map for that.” commercial.  Great commercial the first couple times, I even chuckled! But AT&T did NOT chuckle – and slapped Verizon with a bit of a large trou….lawsuit. It appears it boils down to just the actual maps being depicted. It would seem the big V has been displaying a map of it’s 3G coverage (aka all it’s coverage) vs. a map of AT&T’s 3G coverage – and kindly failing to mention that in some of those huge gaps there’s 2G coverage.

AT&T says: “Hey, stop misleading consumers into thinking we don’t have any coverage at all in those areas”.

Verizon says: .. I guess?.. “Ok.”

Engadget has the full complaint if you’re interested.


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  1. Yo AT&T Im really happy for you and I’m gonna let you finish, but Verizon has one of the best 3G Coverages of all times.

  2. LOL@Jeff

    Now THAT was funny!!!

  3. so, if verizon’s 3g coverage is “all it’s coverage” and that really is at&t’s 3g coverage, then what’s the problem? i understand the commercial is knocking only 3g. ha, they have regular consumers to knock the rest of the network anyway!

  4. Well the truth hurts sorry AT&T but, your 3G network is just plain Slooooo… Only 3G that compares with Verizon is Sprints. But Sprints voice network sucks(I’ve had them all). So either pick your poison or sign your first born child over to Verizon when the bill comes!!! It’s true!!!

  5. I was going to say exactly what @andrew said. Can you cry more?

  6. 2g WOW thats something to be ashamed about.

  7. So AT&T is being a whinny baby because Verizon is completely right? Already hate at&t for over-billing my mom every 2 months, and providing horrible internet service. Way to go AT&T YOU FAIL!

  8. LMAO @ Jeff! Hilarious!

  9. @ Jeff
    haha a-may-zing

  10. Jeff, one of the funniest posts ever

  11. AT&T, you have some smarties working for you. Let’s throw money over to the lawyers when we can be spending that money improving our 3G network so Verizon can’t put a giant 3G bullseye on our forehead. Honestly that sounds like a perfect plan to me…

  12. I don’t see a problem here. Although they might have 2G coverage in areas not shown, that is, any way you look at it, not 3G coverage.

    So VZW hasn’t done anything wrong here.

  13. AT&T is just whining like a 3 year old for because someone took his toy away. The ad clearly says, “ever wonder why your 3G coverare.. yada yada”, so why are they crying fowl because they have 2G in the blank areas.

    There’s a map for that, and I love the commercial.

  14. For those that dont understand why ATT is upset, it is because the map that Verizon is showing as their “3g” map is their whole coverage map.

  15. If anyone thinks all that red area is 3g you better think again, that would cost a fortune to set up.

  16. Actually that is Verizon 3g coverage. There is a reason why Verizon is known for their network. And the funny thing is by the end of 2010, that Verizon 4g rollout(their LTE network) will have more coverage than both ATT and T-mobile. Why do you think many people call ATT the real Iphone killer. The only carrier that has close the amount of 3g coverage to Verizon is sprint.

  17. Yeah I looked again after I made my post and did a *hit the forehead* moment.

    On a side note about 4g, Sprint is already rolling out theirs.

  18. @lazerus

    actually, as victorythagr8 points out (and the article itself points out), that _is_ verizon’s 3g coverage. why do you think everyone is going on about verizon+motorola+google triumverate with the droid?

  19. Ok seriously people, don’t post comments when you’re guessing. That verizon map is NOT their 3g coverage, it is them and all of their roaming partners and complete coverage. They do NOT have that much 3g everywhere and they will not be releasing 4g or LTE before the competition. Get the facts straight. They do have slightly more native 3g towers than at&t but not nearly as much ubiquitous coverage. at&t has every right to be pissed off at false advertising when the commercial suggest pretty strongly that if you have at&t you get no signal. False advertising.

  20. David you are an idiot especially when Verizon is already said they start rolling out LTE early 2010 since they are the first LTE provider in the US and by far dominates the carrier market. And also verizon only put up their on coverage in the 3g map. They never used roaming area in their map since they already know they have by far the biggest network at of the big 4.


  21. @David, You are correct, the Verizon map in the commercial is not their 3g coverage, it is where their Broadband and V-cast coverage is. And those are their big 3g services currently. Sure the towers are not all theirs, but if they have access to the towers, and their customers can use them… it is a duck.

    Apple constantly puts out commercials about how the windows side of the world looks, but they never point out the times when windows does work. Does microsoft get their panties in a wad and sue because they didn’t give every single bit on information in their ad? No, they write their own ad campaign. Which is exactly what ATT should do.

    But hey personally, I just feel sorry for people in West Virginia, they don’t get any 3G coverage from anyone.

  22. Dude. look at the ad. it cleary states 5 times more 3G coverage not total coverage. This isn’t rocket science.

  23. @Terran
    Don’t know about the billing problems.. but I have had their Internet service, and it has been rock solid. I’ve had it here for like 5 years, and the lights have gone out, the cable has crapped out several times.. but I have never not had Internet when I had power.. ever.. maybe I’m just lucky.

  24. And yet Apple doesn’t get pounded for their Mac commericals…

    “What’s wrong PC?”
    “Oh, I’ve got that virus going around…you better stand back.”
    “Nah, that’s ok. I don’t get viruses.”

    If I had the money, I’d buy a mac just to let it get a virus and then sue the hell out of Apple for loss of private, sentimental, and irreplaceable data (arguably worth oh…maybe $1.5 million).

  25. @QuantumRand Haha. That sounds like something I would do.

  26. @QuantumRand – Good luck with that. You’d win $20,000 if you did. There’s no viruses for Mac OSX. It’s simply a can’t. But I wish you well in your endeavor.

  27. Interesting how att no longer shows a 3g map on their website. now a nifty pop up to mask their dismal 3g coverage.Earth to Att you still only supply 3G to about 20% of the country.Lets face it Gsm has never been reliability only portability. In the us I stick to CDMA.When I go to Europe, I get a cheap gsm prepaid, that simple.

  28. @Jeff

    Made me laugh out loud!! That cracks my shit up! Thanks for that!

  29. KK let me make this clear… Verizon is horseshit! They are expensive ass hell and there 3G is slower than AT&T’s. AT&T’s 3G coverage might not be as good as Verizon’s but it is faster. They also have very good coverage worldwide as in service not just 3G.

    So I don’t understand why in the hell people spend soooo much money for service that is just as good as AT&T???

  30. @Dennis, the internet worked great for about a year, but after that any time it rained our internet would cut out. after months of telling my mom she needs to call at&t about it, she finally called them and they came out to fix it. apparently the cable wiring underground was completely torn apart and they said they weren’t even sure how we even had internet at all. Since then our internet is still prone to cut out randomly and sometimes when it rains, and the speed is still fairly slow compared to what we should be getting.

  31. Victorythagr8 apparently dropped the soap during shower time with Verizon in prison

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