Android 2.1 So Far – What We Know Already


It astounds us to know that Android 2.0 has only JUST BARELY launched-ish and already we’re getting info about 2.1 Features, removed “features”, and bug fixes. Fortunately for you we just can’t keep it in any longer.  It’s time to share with my Phandroid friends all the juicy details we’re holding within!

.. Bah, I’m just playin’. On the for serious guys – we know nothing. But, we DID see this article earlier today thanks to one of our readers.  It would appear they’ve started to notice some traces of 2.1 in their logs:


..and wouldn’t you know it – so are we.  AndroidandMe reports it to be “a minor update that will be released towards the end of 2009. It will focus on bug fixes for Android 2.0.”

Wonder what these exactly these bugs could be? Either way, good to know they’re already getting a patch/update prepared.

So to our readers – I propose this. A little something for you to do while you await your phones or the next Phandroid article. Comment on 2.1 if you like, but while you’re at it tell us what it is you think Android is missing, or what you think could be done better, or done without? Sure, you’re not 100% up to speed on 2.0 but you’ve probably seen enough reviews and videos to know a few of the things that have changed as well as a few of the things that haven’t.  What do you want to see, or not see, in the next big release.

I know it’s a little early but – why not? Perhaps if we get enough good replies we’ll make a poll with all the top suggestions and see where it goes. Heck, maybe someone out there will be listening – so let’s hear it!

[AndroidandMe, Thanks resno!]


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  1. Please a better music player !
    The standard one is just ugly.

  2. Hopefully it will fix the slight stutter when switching home screens so reviewers will stop complaining about it. lol That and the bland, seemingly ignored by devs, media player are pretty much the only complaints I’ve seen so far. Which says a lot since most reviews I’ve read were written from self-proclaimed iPhone fanboys.

  3. I agree…a better music player would be great. Something that we can whip out and “wow” our friends with when they ask us “So, what’s better about this ‘Android’ I keep hearing about”? The current player doesn’t give much of a wow factor at all. It’s actually kind of embarrassing.

  4. +1 The current music player on android is spartan at best, ugly and dysfunctional at worst.

  5. more payments method in the market, more filters in the market… just make better the market :P ->more users can buy->more developers interested->more apps->more users interested->more androids on the planet:)

    hope in 2.1


  6. I assume that it will address the lag on the UI

  7. I’d love to see those screen transitions smoother on the Droid. That is kinda bothersome to see on great hardware and updated OS. Fix that minor thing please. If you get a chance the music player could use an overhaul.

  8. Even though there is nothing wrong with the music player 2.0 has, it could be better. (UI wise).

    +I think your doing a good job, Talton! So far atleast..

  9. It would be nice to have multi-touch on “with Google” phones.

    …oh and a better music player! :)

  10. Ability to install and run apps off SD card without having to root and create an ext partition.

  11. Ahem??? What would we need on an Android-Update???


    And the Musci player is kinda lame! But the Dialer is more important!

    Ah and SPEED!

  12. I’m living in Belgium, a small country for sure and the paid apps in the Market aren’t available.

    I mean paid market should be available all over the world !
    It’s not that complicated to unlock this from Google, right ?

  13. The search in the Market is crap!
    For example: You search aoeInstaller or something like this!
    When you just Type in the searchbox “aoe” you will find nothing! But when you write aoeinstaller you find it. How is that possible?

  14. hey talton, any word on where our much-anticipated droid review is?

  15. music player, multitouch

  16. interenet tethering to laptop, paid apps to all markets (be “open”, i thought google started “openess”), mms and sms bug fix, yahoo mail easy set up, better music player, add yahoo msgr into native im app… heard file-transfr bluetooth is coming?

  17. Ditto on the Music Player!

  18. @janus what’s wrong with the dialer?

  19. Speed, speed, speed

  20. how about vcal support in the email client to handle accepting appointments. This is supposed to be a superior OS, blackberry handles this and winmo can do it in its sleep.

  21. @Ad 2.0 supports multitouch

  22. Pinch to zoom in and out, a better photo viewer,save programs to sd, a video player and htc sense widgets and a better phone dialer. Quick access to the phone would be a great feature as well since this is a phone and auto task killer included. Oh yea!!! FIX THE DAMN AUTO FOCUS on the camera. You have a great camera but the software must have a bug.

  23. My main ask is that the Android Browser STOP refreshing a page every time you go in and out of the browser app. If you load a page, then say, answer a call or send an MMS or whatever and that app gets pushed out of memory, it still loads the Browser back up in the same page… but then it goes and refreshes the whole page on you waisting your time, loosing your position on the page and (in the case of the online Google Reader and Gmail pages) screws up the page so it’s not all contained within the width of the phone! When I want to reload the page.. I’ll reload it! Otherwise, just leave it alone Google!

    Also +1 on the music app. It works great… but just could use an overhaul.

    I’d also go for:
    – Auto name suggest in the dialer
    – API’s or something so that we can get Android playing every damn video and audio codec out there! Mainly DivX, Xvid and some good codecs inside the mkv container. I’m just sick of devices not being able to play video’s without having to convert them.
    – Add a setting to change how many “screens” you can have on the home screen like in other apps. 3 is nice.. but some people want more room :)
    – Market search does need a hefty improvement.
    – Gallery needs to look a bit nicer too
    – Calender widget could display a bit more or have more options to configure it
    – Have Android backup with the cloud all SMS’s, MMS’s, Alarms, Bookmarks
    – USB and Bluetooth Internet tethering

  24. I think there should be animated gif…can’t see animated radar or sms messages…apps to sd card would be nice to for more space…and flash would be nice adobe…..lol

  25. Music Player, please improve the music player…..give it some style or something!

  26. We need copy and paste in Gmail and editting the forwarding message body in Gmail emails.


    A working, fun, functional, and user-friendly FACEBOOK APPLICATION. Babbler has gone down the tubes, Bloo isn’t up to par and the developer seems to have abandoned us, and Fbook & the others just don’t do us any justice.

  27. Speeding up the entire UI to remove stuttering and lag is definitely high on my list. Also having some kind of discrete close for applications, I don’t always want the browser running in the background. Multitasking is great and all, but I shouldn’t have to download a task killer to close the browser.

  28. I agree with what an above poster said about search in the market. In Google Search, I can type half a term or words related to a term and find results for what I really am looking for, yet in the Market I cant type in something like “Browser” and expect to find Opera Mini, Steel or Dolphin. Also, sometimes I can type in a search term and it gives me that “Suggestions” screen about my search, tell me there is 78 results but display nothing but I can re-search and find it -_-”

    Secondly, it needs multi-touch. Not gonna beat the dead horse on this one.

    Music app UI could use a overhaul. Calendar app could use a UI overhaul. Make the system smoother overall and finally, Google should set a standard on the hardware that Android runs on. In this way, they can avoid the whole uproar about whether or not new updates will be possible on a device by device basis, as was the case where everyone was in debate about whether or not Cupcake (and Donut and Eclair+) would fit on G1’s or not. The standard should allow all future updates to fit on devices running the standard. This may or may not be a problem as I’m sure we wont see any devices with hardware of quality as low as the G1 anymore but it would also make Android look better. The OS isn’t the only thing we look at obviously. We look at the hardware just as much.

  29. @Trebek
    You know, the browser on the iPhone/iPod does the exact same thing, and I’ve wondered why. It drives me nuts too. It’s a completely, utterly useless “feature” and I want it to go away. Nice to know I won’t escape in Android. :P Hmm, I plan on getting the Eris, so maybe HTC’s modified browser has removed that bug.

  30. Wow, it didn’t indent any of that did it >_>

  31. -Improved Music Player with a fancy GUI
    -Ability to store and run apps from your SD card. 256 MB of ROM is NOT enough for quality games
    -Improve the camera’s autofocus
    -Ability of a page already rendering while it loads on the browser

  32. I think that it,s a damn shame that the other side gets multi-touch with their droid release what the hell is so great about the other end of the spectrum .But, on a positive note we seem to finally be catching up good handset wise.

  33. @Talton,

    So can we expect the Droid review to go up tonight? Or am I safe in going to bed as it wont be up until tomorrow anyways? The anticipation….must..not…let it…take OVER…

  34. #1- Music player looks lame (out of date). Get the design team together and make it look more stylish. Be ahead of the competition not fall short of the finish line.

    #2- Multi-touch. I don’t think its a big deal but having it is half the battle.

    #3- Adobe flash 10. Get on there nuts and call them everyday until they at least give us a beta version to use. Be a annoying phone collector. And have them answer your consumer needs (clientel).

    #4- When connected to computer I would like to just drag and drop movies and the phone automatically convert them for me. (SIMPLIFY) one reason the IPHONE is such a success is because of its easy functionality. Lets surpass that.

    #5- Up the amount of HOME SCREENS lets say 7 sounds like a good number. or put in the settings where the user can pick there amount 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. I would like to have my work page, my home page, weekend page, games page, apps page, school page, and so on………….

    Thanks for listening to my thoughts. Sincerely, future droid owner and first android phone.

  35. As of not being able to play with 2.0 until Friday all I can go on is all the videos and reviews that are out there right now, but holy hell why can’t they make the camera function correctly. You have this amazing device and great hardware but the software for the camera is terrible. Take a accurate picture quickly please.

  36. If it’s not done already, full voice dial support over Bluetooth. Can’t find any mention on whether it really works right or not.

  37. Improve the music player!

    Option to change the number of screens!

    Speed up the UI!

  38. Oh yeah, and please, please, please add the ability to store apps on the sd card!

  39. @urmomFTW: Unfortunately not. :( Head on to bed.. He’s workin’ at it but its.. alot. (of video/editing/compiling/etc). So. I don’t have a time frame but I wouldn’t bet on anything earlier than tomorrow afternoon.

  40. Good enough, appreciate the response Talton!

  41. Flash
    Music player
    Ubuntuone like service for android
    good Virtual keyboard

  42. @Chris
    Android already has the ability to do multitouch, It’s just not being enabled for the US release of the Droid, possibly for patent issues.

    As everyone says the music player is a bit ugly, though at least there are some prettier alternatives in the market. And having apps on the SD card would be nice, or at the very least, we need a phone with a large amount of internal storage.

  43. Based on the current reviews of 2.0 my money is on improvements to the camera software.

  44. These have all been said, but I’m just going to piggyback:

    -more that 3 homescreens
    -better music player
    -ability to save apps to the SD card

  45. Guys, get into custom roms.. there are hundreds out there. http://www.xda-developers.com My HTC magic is running multitouch, no lag at all anywhere and is basically bug free. Cyanogenmod rom…. get on it.

  46. Faster Browser (and any other performance enhancements)
    Camera app open faster
    Bluetooth voice dialing
    Actual tethering support

  47. Google will not unlock the phone for you. You would have to go to a third party unlocking site like ours to purchase the unlock code.

    In my opinion, it is the EASIEST phone to unlock in terms of entering the instructions.

    1.) Purchase unlock code
    2.) Insert a non-accepted SIM
    3.) Enter the unlock code

  48. I think we should be able to choose from different unlock screens. I LOVE the way you unlock the phone on the g1. It’s fun. The way you unlock the phone on the Hero is… well, boring. This is all in my opinion, but that is exactly why they should allow options.

    Also, why does the camera application have to be super fancy? I just want to take a picture quickly and accurately, with good quality. My crappy ass 3 year old helio heat has better camera functionality than any android phone I’ve used. I think google needs to take it down a notch in terms of “high tech” features when it comes to picture taking and video recording.

  49. I’d agree with most of what’s been said here, but the biggest thing for me is BETTER WIDGETS. HTC Sense showed us how it should be done, that level of interactivity should be standard across all Android devices. Even Windows Mobile has homescreen widgets with finger scroll etc! Sort it out!

  50. I believe huge speed improvement and apps installation to micro sd were already successful in custom roms.

    Android team should seriously look into the development made by community, especially xda and cyanogenmod.

    Just a side note, ever since i use cyanogenmod web pages are rarely being reloaded (except for large sites) – i think this is because of better memory optimization.

  51. For the App store, create an account that can be sync’d with our Google account so that when we hard reset our phones or when we exchange them, we can get into our account and re-download them without searching. Also, why not let us surf the app store online and pick which apps we want to download. If we find something we like, we choose download and next time our device is on it downloads the app for us.

  52. Upgrade browser so we can scroll frame in a web page (on iPhone it is done by scrolling with two fingers).

  53. MixZing is kind of a nice player..

  54. I’ve long been wondering why modern phones don’t have a DND function.

    Let’s say my wife’s expecting and I’m in a meeting with the CEO. I don’t want to be bothered by less important calls than my wife going to the hospital to give birth so i put the phone in DND mode, maybe I even add a little text message. When my wife calls me she sees my text message (Hi. I’m in an important meeting with the CEO. Please do not disturb unless it is really important) and is asked whether or not she’d still like to go through with the call.

  55. @itjhie

    You’re damn right. Just implement good Fixes some modders made.
    It would be a nice gesture to the modder scene. Or is Google somewhat afraid somebody would say: Hey look some nerd does better programming than you!
    And I say: Yes that has already happened. Please Google just use the big potential behind the modder scene. Thats Open source melting Ideas to make better working Software.


    the Sense UI Dialer is way better. You have Speeddial, it vibrates while your typing (yes I do need that). the Android dialer looks like it was made by a ten-year-old ;)

  56. Why is everybody so upset about the music player?

    Sure it hasnt the nicest UI, but feature wise its pretty good and very easy to use and navigate.

    Did you guys notice that you can reorder the songs of the playlists on the fly ?
    Few players can do that! Iphone doesnt!

  57. New features? Nah, It’s already got a ton more features than the iPhone. Google should just focus on making it smoother, nicer looking, and stable.

    Then, add more features…like better Market search and an API for music/podcast players to hook into a universal media control system to make use of a double-press on the home button.

  58. Better music player surely!

  59. 1) Improve the camera; it takes a century to take a picture
    2) Improve the market search; it’s made by a search company
    3) Improve ways of maintaining battery life
    4) More home screens; I hardly ever use the pull-up menu
    5) Multi-touch in apps
    6) Flash support
    7) Ability to close an app, instead of using Taskiller
    8) Un-install without feedback questions


  60. Note, the 8) is supposed to be 8 ) above

  61. +1 a decent “FLAC”ing music player

  62. Install on Apps on SD. All else doesn’t matter. but it’s a bit ridiculous to limit the apps you can install by size.

  63. Dear Santa,

    I was a very good girl this year and waited VERY patiently for Android 2.0. This year for Christmas I want the following added to 2.1:

    1) Better Camera software. I would like to be able to fully capture that 5mp camera available, but the software creates such a lag and the MP don’t even matter since you can’t take a picture fast enough to avoid blur etc.

    2) Music player doesn’t really bother me…I mean I can choose what I want to play, play it, and then go about my business MULTI-Tasking ;) but….if they want to make it prettier, I am not going to complain :D

    3) FLASH…pretty please, even just beta would be SOMETHING.

    4) More homescreens. 3 is fine…but more would be nicer for those of us who like to have specific homescreens for different categories (work, home, games, social etc.)

    5) Better dialer.

  64. Would love to be able to select contacts to send SMS to. At the moment I have to type in the names (or at least start to type in the names). It would be great to scroll through and select multiple contacts.

  65. “App install and run on SD card” multi touch

  66. For enterprise adoption they *must* have the ability to truly connect via ActiveSync and IT departments must be able to remotely wipe the device. Health care, financial firms, etc. will simply not allow a device on their mail system that can’t do this. Remember the first release of WebOS didn’t have that and there was a huge stink.

  67. For the default Android builds, the notification bar at the top could be made a little more elegant looking (compare to the iPhone, Pre, HTC Sense, etc.).

  68. How about letting us use the android 12key soft keyboard? The QWERTY is too small for portrait mode. Its already built in. Why not let us use it everywhere instead of just in contacts?

  69. I definitely suggest improving upon the Media capabilities of Android. More video formats, better media player and improved streaming capabilities!

  70. Integrated Twitter in the contacts, better music player, video player, and better clock widgets. please.

  71. – The UI of the media player is god damned ugly

    – out-of-the-box SD card file-browser

    weather widget !! why do we have it only in a dock mode but not as a widget !!
    – stutters when switching between home panels must be fixed
    – out-of-the-box voice recorder app
    – more home screen panels (or make it configurable), 3 is not enough especially when we have large widgets
    – we know that Eclair 2.0 has added multitouch support but for god’s sake implement it in the browser or in the image viewer to stop the apple-fans reviewers from whining endlessly about it
    – bluetooth file transfer protocol
    – add a new capability in the API that allows games developers to upload the core files of the game to market and the resources/textures/sound files separately and when the user downloads the game he just needs to download the core files to the internal memory and the resources can be download on first boot. This will absolutely help the gaming scene in the Android.

  72. FLAC, no question

  73. Better Camera Software. The Droid will already allow me to ditch my phone and my iPod, if the camera was actually decent, then I could ditch my point and shoot too!

  74. What I would like to see in Android? Well I think what almost everybody wants to see…
    – Flash 10.1
    – Improved media player (metadata fetcher, equalizer, etc)
    – OpenVG-based GUI, browser and Google Maps to stop the stuttering and delays
    – OpenMAX and VA API support (offload AV encode/decode to DSP/GPU)
    – Native Gstreamer-FFmpeg instead of PV (nearly all codecs, incl FLAC)
    – Native SyncML (not everybody can afford Exchange server)
    – Camera daemon (using open ISP standard) to speed up camera app start

  75. 1) Multi-touch on everything (Palm Pre has it – grow a pair)
    2) More than 3 home screens
    3) Camera performance
    4) Music App Interface Improvement
    5) Virtual Keyboard Improvement
    6) Install Apps on SD card (WinMo already does this)

  76. Ability to accept calendar appointments from an Exchange account!! Right now they just show up as emails. That’s pretty vital to becoming a successful business smartphone!!

  77. new email app. this is something winmo actually handled better (never thought, i’d say that). at least i’d like the ability to select and delete several messages at once.

  78. I would love to see the overall apperence of the phone and the keyboard is to close together. it would be nice if it looked like the white g1 would be nice cause im not loving the look of the droid 2.0. just a wish.

  79. i just dont like the way the phone looks

  80. please please let people start storing apps on there sd card it’s a simple request also clean up the music player

    and a better music player :)

  82. 1) Better looking music player
    2) Pinch zoom for internet
    3) Please fix the syncing problem for Outlook. This is a biggie.
    4) Putting Apps on SD card. (Major memory issues)

  83. 1) Gmail select,copy,paste function
    2) Gmail spell check
    3) Stack task/memo pad apps and sync w/ Google task in Calendar

  84. i actually love the music player… i downloaded the album art grabber and i actually like the look MORE than my iphone. being an audio professional i noticed that the difference in clarity is huge between my droid and my iphone..the droid just destroys the iphone.

    additional homescreens would be nice
    flash support before 2010 would be awesome
    multitouch better be in there…..especially since the milestone over seas already has it… give it to us americans as well…
    i would love a video player that supports xvids and divx files.
    FIX THE CAMERA SOFTWARE . . . the video recorder works well but the picture taker just blows..and i can tell the camera is actually nice because in JUST the right lighting and timing.. pictures look amazing.

  85. Fix the music player to enable transfer of playlists or make it easy to just move songs under a subdirectory on the SD card to create a playlist that way. Or make it easy to select music based on genre to create playlist or provide smart playlist capability. There is no reason why this thing can’t completely replace my iPod. Also need to fix the android market. It is a horrible search experience and difficult to find what you are looking for.

  86. Seriously, better music player is all most of you can come up with????????

    1) Spell check on email and text messaging
    2) Local search. The search function will find contacts but not email or calendar items on the device.
    3) Stop consolidating contacts. Come on Google, Just because you have a contact that has the same first and last name is not a good reason to automatically consolidate. If you insist on having this stupid feature at least allow users to turn it off.
    4) Task and note synchronization with Microsoft exchange server.
    5) The ability to properly accept a calendar invitation through Microsoft exchange. This would include the ability to accept the invitation directly in the email invitation and a determination of scheduling conflicts. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel here, all of your competitors do it, just make Android have the same features

    These are 5 really big holes in a great operating system and will definitely impede adoption

  87. I can’t believe the majority is asking for a better music player. Your shutter between homescreens is mostlikely because your phone processes slow. Mine does fine as a verison moto droid. I have no lag swith home screens. The slide menu has everything needed also that is on the phone. Battery ussage issues is because of what u have turned on in terms of gps and location finder through phone towers. Turn those off unless extremely needed. U can double tap the screen to zoom and if you scroll the page a bit u can see a plus and minus symbol at the bottom right corner to zoom in and out further so pinching isn’t that big of a deal. Word correction is built in already on words like won’t , wouldn’t, coulndn’t, and many mispelled words. And flash is coming in early

  88. There is no option to play by Genre in the music player. I cant merge calls with someone who beeps in, while already on one phone call. We need more pages for the homescreen. When I use the voice dialer, photos doesn’t display for the contact. Those are just a few I can think of at the moment.

  89. 1. Camera operation to be faster.
    2. Creating wallpaper out of photos: Ability to resize on any side.
    3. Droid phone turns on when using covers with magnetic flap.
    4. Reduce power consumption.
    5. No speed-dial numbers for contacts. (or did I miss this one).
    6. Fix the virtual keyboard. Keys are too close.
    7. Ability to store apps on SD card and load apps from SD card.
    8. Google maps navigation needs improvement. Once instead of asking me to take a right turn, it told me to take a left and then a U-turn!
    9. Easy access to SD card contents. Ability to store shortcuts to folders on SD card.
    10. Flash player needed asap.

  90. Bluetooth.

    Get BT file transfer working
    Get BT voice dial & headset buttons working

    In short, make bluetooth actually worth having

  91. Music player is crap and there needs to be an easier way to sync your music library ala “iTunes” style

  92. Just please, let us install Apps on the SD Card! It is the ONLY thing I care about getting. Getting this would also help out on the stutter some people are getting.

    Please, please, pleeeeeeeease!

  93. On my Hero, I can dive in a calendar item but I can’t swipe to the previous or next day/event. I have to go back to the month view and select the other day I wish to see, now how crooked is that? Why isn’t it possible to browse to prev/next days from *within* the items (like on HTC Sense for Windows Mobile)?

  94. We need a better looking music player already, come on Google! I saw a video of the new Gallery, and that looks awesome. Hopefully they’ll redo the music player too. Pinch zoom in maps and browser, we need that as well. The option to choose how many homescreens you want, 7 seems a bit much for Sense users. More 3D games! And the ability to upload videos to Facebook with the default Facebook app by Facebook.

  95. What would be nice to see?

    * a great copy/paste feature on any screen that encompasses text.
    * Updateable Adobe FLASH
    * the ability to sync w/ PC or Mac
    * ability to rename wigits (to hide porn from kids).
    * Gmail email push could use some
    work. Being able to see what time a msg
    was sent and received would also be
    * of course more screens, Bluetooth TX,
    Moto has the ability to make the Droid better than the competition, let’s see what you got! –great start so far though

  96. Animated Gif Support

  97. “Something that we can whip out and “wow” our friends with ”

    Do you buy a phone to impress your friends or yourself?

  98. full Activesync support that will allow me to connect to my corporate exchanger server. It would be nice to be able to install apps on the SD card.

  99. Some choppyness when screen typing, sometimes. Media player needs visual effects and of course a facelift. Choppy home screens… sometimes. Overall, I’m pretty happy!!

  100. My droid runs on android 2.0.1 and there is a few bugs. If you have a lock screen, the dots are small and weird looking for a second or two, while rotating and sliding open the phone. Also, applications fail constantly, I find myself always force closing everything. Lastly, all of my icons disapear for a little bit off my home screen randomly. Overall my phone has been great to me though. P.S. I would love to see some better apps in the app store

  101. Sorry, I forgot this, and I don’t know how, its the biggest issue on my phone that started when I got 2.0.1. Every ten seconds in a call, and I counted exactly ten seconds, my phone beeps during a call. I called verizon and I resetted my phone like they said and the problem came back about 2 calls later. Its ridiculous and needs to be fixed. Also other people have the same problem

  102. Perhaps I said it before, but y’all are saying “improve the Music Player” and “Music player could use an overhaul”. Maybe, but what it really needs is MP3 TAG recognition and INCLUDE GENRE (Who thought leaving Genre out was a good idea?). New news on the genre thing: in Google.com/p/android/ there was confirmation that the reason Genre is missing from ,the player is due to a typo in the code – basically Genre is THERE in code, but we can’t “see” it on the GUI. Seriously, the player “could” use an overhaul?

  103. desired feature/things that need to be fixed:

    copy/paste that’s consistent across all apps. Not press and hold on one app, use the hard keyboard and press shift while trying to select text on another app. Being able to copy/paste is one of those REALLY needed features on a “smart” phone. Need to be able to copy more than a line or two, and even in some cases more than what is currently displayed on the screen.

    ability to inline edit an email (forward or reply).

    vpn (cisco support)

    ability to sync or backup to either the sd card or pc…without having to purchase an app off the market. should be standard.

    flash would be nice…would have been real nice yesterday

    speaking of email, if I’m out of coverage or the server (imap) doesn’t respond I lose all my messages and have to hit “load more messages”. Never had that problem with Palm. Really annoying.

  104. better texting keyboard too many lags in it to slower faster please i text alot so make that one please and yes a better music player

  105. 1: Bluetooth enabled dialer/voice control is essential. My 4 year old WinMo phone does this with no problem.

    2. Install apps to SD card and run them from there. Again my old WinMo phone does this automatically. Again essential as lack of this feature will severely limit the Market

    3. Not so essential but again my WinMo phone does it blindfolded. Better calendar. The inability to view between adjacent days without having to go back into the main calendar is annoying.

    4. Again not so essential but again my old WinMo phone had options to download extra software to enable non-latin based charactersets and the ability to switch direction for Arabic/Hebrew fonts. Plus have them available on the keyboard. I know you can download keyboards to support different languages but you have to root your phone to get the fonts! Unicode support should come as standard in the ROM.

  106. I realize this is a older article and this may have been already mentioned (I admit I didnt read all 108 comments(, BUT I fixed my camera’s auto focus. Go into the “camera->settings->ISO” and change that from AUTO to 800. I assume that is supposed to be something like shutter speed??? Try that and I’m sure you will be much happier. Now if I can only fix the issue with lower light pics looking grainy ;)

  107. Allow Android to sync to Yahoo calendar.

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