Samsung Galaxy Lite (Spica) Pictures Pop Up


The kid brother of the Samsung Galaxy, the Samsung Galaxy Lite, doesn’t have much to hide any longer, except perhaps for its real launch name. A few sites are claiming it will be called the Samsung Galaxy Spica or Samsung Spica but the way things have been going lately, who knows. What we DO know is how the Galaxy Lite will look, thanks most recently to AllAboutPhones (translated):

The phone is rumored to start selling in November for 350 Euro and if it does indeed come with the 800 MHz processor its rumored to have we could be in for quite a treat. The rest of the specs are par for the course – 3.2MP camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, etc… – but the Android world is looking forward to phones with more powerful processors and this would fit the bill.

[Via GSMarena]

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  1. Dear god, when are any of these awesome phones coming to America? I feel like we always get the forgotten step-child versions of these skus. Especially on T-Mo.

  2. not that i know too much about phones, but with a 800MHz processor, wouldnt it need a larger battery?
    my point is, i dont think this phone is gonna be very “lite”

  3. This looks like it may have the edge over it’s “bigger” brother. No flash, less MP on the camera. But if the processor is faster and the other specs probably aren’t far off.

    I also like the android graphics on the case…..extra bonus.

    This phone may be for me :)

  4. @ pieter
    not necessarily; the arm processors found in most mobile phones as this one have built in energy economy modes, they lower their clock speeds when idle and provided their full power only when needed.
    i wonder if it is a cortex a8 processor or the old arm11 ?
    Does this spica come with 8gb onboard as (correct me if i am wrong) google for anti piracy purposes apparently does not allow apps to be installed on the micro sd card ?

  5. i totally dig the android guy on the phone, future android-based phones should be like this

  6. doesnt it only have like 125mb ram?

  7. looks like the behold 2

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