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So we just downloaded the Android Developer Challenge 2 Application from the Android Market and wanted to give a review for those that haven’t downloaded it yet. So watch the video and read the text review below!

First of all, if you’re looking for the application I would suggest you search for “Challenge” in Android Market. It didn’t appear in recent apps and I couldn’t find it searching for “Android Developers” so hopefully that saves you a few minutes of looking around.

The application installed quickly over 3G and then I got TRICKED by the End User License Agreement. It said that it was the EULA and then asked you to accept or decline but there weren’t any terms! I didn’t even realize it as I did the video, I guess just second nature to approve of things before reading the fine print. A bad habit by the way that can screw you over my young readers so be warned – read fine print!

After I installed the application I was immediately prompted via a status bar update that there was an Application Awaiting my download/review – VERY cool method of cycling through new applications. They said that as new apps become available you will be notified. This raised some questions for me:

  • Are they slowly adding apps from the submitted contestants to the pool or are they all available and limiting how many you can download per day?
  • Are judges reviewing the apps and then putting them in ADC2 pool after they’re done with them?
  • Does everyone get to review the apps in the same order?

I hope everyone isn’t reviewing in the same order… it could definitely skew the results. Something ELSE that could skew results is the fact that Google FORCES you to download an application before you move onto the next application. This is a problem for 2 reasons in my opinion:

  1. People download an app, don’t test it, give it fake reviews/stars just to get to the next application
  2. Some people will just get fed up with having to review every single application and move along

I like it in that you’re encouraged to try an application you wouldn’t otherwise try… but it has its downfalls. I guess you can’t please everyone all the time. So what two applications did I have the pleasure of looking at in my first go-round?
I like how they use the actual domain name for the app name – it’ll give it a definite boost in branding. Unfortunately the app sucked. Not because it wasn’t a good idea but because it didn’t work as advertised. I got a couple forced close errors trying to use features, it didn’t auto-rotate to landscape and when I tried to place a prank call it wouldn’t let me because I’m not in the UK.

I’m not sure if ADC2 contestants could target their submissions geographically, but I PROMISE you this application is going to get PANNED (or even pwnd) for the pure fact that it won’t work in the United States or anywhere in the world besides the UK actually. Such a shame because its a cute idea. Slightly different than SpoofApp, which I like a lot more, but interesting idea nonetheless.

Cieborg Tours
I didn’t actually review this on the video but here is what the description was:

Ceibor Tours will start automatically when your Android cell-phone reaches points of interest, but you may also access them manually. This application is used to find members of your group, share the tour with them, track your way, plan a trip, select the language and more. It works with or without Internet connection.

I’m guessing it works without internet connection by downloading the entire informational database and only utilizing GPS services.

THIS is the application that made me decide you should be able to “skip” applications to review. There is no way that at this moment I want to go outside and test this application. And honestly, to give it a fair review, that is what is needed. You should be able to skip X out of every X apps in my opinion, and then force you to come back to it after X apps. I don’t know. Is it just me?

The other interesting thing here is that it FORCES you to delete an application before you are able to download another application. What if I wanted to keep the application. TOUGH LUCK! I tried to find a workaround:

  • Download an application for review
  • If you dislike it, remove it and continue
  • If you like it, review it and then DELETE ADC2 App from your phone
  • Re-install the ADC2 app from Android Market

The idea is that it will offer you your next download without forcing uninstall. But I’m about to test this now… not sure if it works. Doubtful but worth a try.

Above does not work.

So there you have it… my initial review of the ADC2 judging/voting application!

I think the “rating categories” could be improved a bit. And I think there should be a question asking, “Would you recommend this application to a friend” with a yes/no button. Because honestly, if it is good enough to recommend to others, THAT is the ultimate testament on the reviewing totem pole.


Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

ADC 2 Judging Just Started – Download The App!

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  1. We aren’t given them in the same order. My first application was RemixThem. Never did start downloading and I had to go the manual route. Unfortunate first experience with what looks like a very cool system.

  2. I really don’t like that it forces you to uninstall either.

  3. “First of all, if you’re looking for the application I would suggest you search for “Challenge” in Android Market. It didn’t appear in recent apps and I couldn’t find it searching for “Android Developers” so hopefully that saves you a few minutes of looking around.”

    I ran into that too… how embarassingly bad is the Android Market’s search function for a company founded on search? It’s frankly shockingly bizarre.

  4. It does let you skip the apps you don’t want to install. Just click Menu, and the only option it shows is “skip”.

    I skipped an app or two that didn’t apply geographically to me.

    I reviewed this app that downloaded floor maps of libraries, subways and things like that. I thought it was neat.

    I skipped another, can’t remember what it was, and it froze trying to download a card game.

  5. eh i dont mind the fact that it uninstalls. its actually better. since i dont have root access, my memory runs out quickly. so i got the adc2 judging app just for the sake of judging, not for getting beta apps.

  6. You can skip an application by hitting ‘menu’ and going to ‘skip’. This works either before downloading the suggested application (I skipped a SIP VOIP app, as I don’t have any use for it), or instead of reviewing it (it still uninstalls it, though, which does suck). The coolest app I’ve seen so far has been a web clip widget that lets you use snapshots of websites for a home screen widget, though it did have some implementation issues.

  7. so far, i have 3 apps out of 8 who are “force close”-ing for me and not working at all :/ i’ve tried restarting my phone, one of them i’ve figured a workaround to make it work by enabling the GPS, otherwise it will “force close”

  8. Click on the adc2 app then press menu and select skip to go on to the next app review. Easy peasy

  9. Also try searching under adc2 for the app in market……..
    Makes sense yea?

  10. Hit the menu key while in the app – it gives you the option to skip and not download an application.

    I thought using the menu key for options was standard on Android?

  11. If you press menu when it asks youif you wnat to install, it gives an option to skip that app

  12. Search ADC on the market,

    Press menu to skip an app.

  13. Tried to be a good citizen. What a sad excuse for an “open” platform. All your points and to much work, plus some take forever to download.

    Give all at once to pick from…the first few were a joke, how could they even be in the running, then “oh, I will send this app soon/later” and lastly a very promising app just will not down load, gave up after a few minutes removed ADC2.

  14. You can skip an app before downloading it or after you’ve started to test it by using the menu key and the “Skip” button.

  15. Hit menu and SKIP when you are presented with a new app. You CAN skip.

  16. On a semi-related note,can we PLEASE get some decent games that arent 10 freakin megs?!i get sporadic down time at work,and my buddy’s phone(yeah,that one) has a game called pocket god that is the best possible way to kill 10 to 30 minutes that i have run across!love solitaire and cow potato,but COME ON,DEVS!

  17. I have an idea ,

    How about you download the app , when its downloaded using AppManager back up the apk to SD. after you can just install the apk from appmamnager.

    Carl C :)

  18. I seriously think that the judging app is actually interfeering with the download of the apps to be judged, either that or they are not properly on the market yet. Most are absolutely refusing to download.

  19. anyone disappointed as me with the apps so far ?! i have downloaded like at least 25 apps and none of them has caught my attention or felt like a rushed job. As for the games, they are absolutely disappointing so far.

  20. Not one of the applications will download for me. Even uninstalled the judging app and reinstalled it thinking there was some kind of error… I’ve tried installing through the judging app and directly through the android market. I really want to take part in this process, but I have only so much patience…

  21. The Judging app is designed really well, simple interface and reliable.

    As for the apps I have been judging…. Complete garbage.

    I have only come across 1 app that I would even consider keeping on my phone.

  22. The apps have all been shitty, but thus is the responsibility of downloading the judging app. I’ve only run into one that seemed remotely interesting, but it didn’t work properly because the integrated maps wouldn’t get my location.

  23. If you go into your market even after judging the app it is still in your list of downloaded apps, I’ve reinstalled a few apps so far that caught my eye this way.

  24. u can skip an app if u dont want to review it just press menu and it will let u choose skip

  25. I like the way apps are just randomly assigned – I think this sort of thing would make a nice feature for the market: Stops good apps getting overlooked if they are randomly assigned out to people to get reviewed.

    But wow – what a load of rubbish apps in ADC2! I should have entered!

  26. … one thing I have noticed though is that at least the ADC apps are making an effort with their icons! Most apps aren’t presently following Google’s slightly torturous recommendations, which makes our home-screens pretty messy. Still think they should follow iPhone’s lead and “tidy up” applications icons into a consistent format (i.e. add a border & shading).

  27. Just a heads up if you want to keep the apps alive on your phone and keep trying new ones out without them being un-installed.

    Launch ADC2 app.
    Look for and then install the app you want (tap install).
    Quickly swipe down (to get to the notifications window).
    Click on the download as it shows up in notifications window (Brings you to app page in app store for that app).
    As soon as app store is up (dont wait too long) Swipe down again to go back to notifications window (do not press the back button).
    Wait for it to say “download complete”.
    Wait till it says “successfully installed”.
    Wait for it to say “application is ready for review”.
    tap “application is ready for review” (brings you back to Adc2).
    Clck the stars for review.
    Click on “submit Review”
    Click on “OK”
    Press “back” button as soon as you see the dialog box saying “submitting review”.
    You are then back at the app store.
    Watch as your app is automatically un-installed by the adc2 app.
    It uninstalls and then it shows the button to “install” again.
    Click install.
    You know have your app and adc2 asks if you would like another.

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