Aug 20th, 2009

logo_tomtomAndroid Forums members have been wondering about TomTom for Android since November 2008. It’s time for that discussion to continue as TomTom execs have clearly implied the company is working on a TomTom Android application:

“We cannot ignore such a successful platform as Android. HTC is an important partner of ours and Android is becoming increasingly important too.”

Windows Mobile has had TomTom capabilities for some time now and the Apple iPhone TomTom app is the most recent addition to the stable. Symbian and BlackBerry users will have to wait a little longer, if not forever:

“We spent so much time producing the iPhone software and we were later on the scene than we wanted but the standard of the service and the quality of the satnav is what was most important to us.”

“I do not question the opportunity that RIM might offer but we know that a satnav device needs to have a large touchscreen and voice commands to be able to work for turn-by-turn navigation. We come from a PDA background and we know what will work.”

This will be a GREAT story to follow – I know for a FACT that there are a LOT of Android owners out there craving TomTom integration. Right now Telenav leads the way in on-Android GPS navigation, but the introduction of TomTom for Android will be a welcomed alternative.

For a point of reference, here is a quick initial review of TomTom on the iPhone:

The TomTom iPhone App costs $100 and I would expect the Android price to be comparable. Clearly one of the more pricey apps on the Android Market, would that be worth it to you?