GP2X Android Game Emulator Looks… Amazing


Way back in the April 2008, the Phandriod/AndroidForums days when it was little more than me talking to myself, I expressed my love for Emulators and hoped that Android would see a game emulator sooner rather than later. There are already Android game emulators available on the Android Market and elsewhere, but I’m not sure any look as beautiful as this: GPSX Game Emulator, Media Player and more demonstrated on the T-Mobile G1:

It is only pre-alpha at the moment but look at all the systems to covers -NES, SNES, Genesis, MAME and many more. The eight minute video highlights several of the games being played on the G1 and they seem to play pretty flawlessly. There are a lot of things I could say about this but I will only say two:

  1. This is awesome
  2. I want it

Lets hope pre-alpha becomes alpha becomes beta becomes RC becomes final, sooner rather than later.

[Android GP2x World via CrunchGear]

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  1. i am drooling all over myself!!!!! (@_@)

  2. It better be free… or I’ll be pretty cranky… >:(… haha

  3. you had me at samurai showdown…….then killer instinct…..then..just awesomeness. hmmmmm….might not wait for the G1v2(i still say its the Memphis) to roll out.

  4. Looks like it might be a MAME port to the ARM processor architecture? Doesn’t look like it’s running on Android’s SDK.

  5. I take back a portion of my previous comment. It looks like they ported a lot of different linux apps, not just MAME.

  6. w00000000000000000000t
    this is awesome! ghost and goblins rules!

  7. That`s why android without a keyboard is worthless… And the only android with keyboard is regretably G1 and seems to remain for a few month the only one :-(

  8. and that’s why my next android phone will probably be the Morrison or the Bigfoot. there’s no way i’m losing my keyboard.

  9. Hmm… does this just take the normal .rom files or .snes files? I wonder if they need a “Special” made rom, also i wonder if i should get a phone with a keybord now since NES control pads have more buttons then what is on the magic.
    FYI: I am willing to pay about 40$ for this.

  10. Super Mario World! :O
    I want this, now. I’ll pay for it.

  11. @ x3haloed

    This is an emulator of a system called gp2x :

    No apps have not been ported, the emulators shown are running through the gp2x emulator.

  12. How good is the keyboard for this? There is no gamepad on the thing, so I wonder if it is hard to get use to using.

  13. Amazing ! Yeah, this baby doesn’t have to be free for me ! Great work deserves a reward …

  14. I agree. I would gladly pay for this.

  15. Requires Debian on your phone…

  16. omg marvel vs street fighter man i can’t wait til this app comes out. I sure in the hell would be willing to pay for this app

  17. So not having a keyboard on my Android phone purchase is no longer an option.

    But then I must have Tegra as well…

    Looks like I will have to wait for a Tegra Android with a physical keyboard….

  18. it’s all garbage unless I can play mike tyson’s punch out.

  19. wowsers. may ditch that pre for this…

  20. Holy Crap! Is this a hoax?! It takes a lot of power to run emmulators like these. There is nothing I’ve seen running on the G1 so far which even approaches performance like this! How the heck are they doing this? Are they somehow getting down right to the hardware? I honestly didn’t think the G1 was capable of something like this. I literally get about 5 FPS running the current Gameboy emmulator.. I’m a bit shocked to see something like Samurai Showdown running so smoothly on this device. I’m floored… I’d pay money for this EMU DEFINITELY!

  21. Does anyone know if this emulator works for the Motorola Droid? (Why is it that all the comments stopped after two days?)

  22. Its 2010, is it here yet?

  23. Agreed with the last comment! This is too awesome.

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