Acer A1 Android Phone In 2009, Nokia/Dell Dissed


As with many up-and-coming Android Phone rumors, Acer’s Aspirations (see what I did there?) have always been apparent, but details were virtually non-existent. Then, at MWC2009 in February, we got wind of a sweet rumor that claimed Acer would have 2 Android Phones in 2009. A month later, we heard one might be called the Acer A1 and launch in September. Then, just last month, Acer’s Head of Mobile Products said a 2009 Acer Android was “likely”. It just got even more likely.


According to Reuters, that same official said that Acer will sell about 10 smartphone models this year, and all but one will be based on Windows Mobile. That last device? An Acer Android Phone:

“Late 2009, we’re releasing a smartphone… full touch, at the price of feature phones today,” he said.

Interesting though, that the article has no direct quotes saying the above quote references Android, but from the title we can assume (not sure how safely) that it was in the context of Android. Two other tidbits I found interesting were possible potshots at Nokia and Dell.

Nokia Can’t Make Computers
If a computer maker can get into smartphones, why can’t the reverse happen? Nokia is attempting to do just that, with plans to launch a line of laptops. But the Acer official all but laughed it off:

“For a handset maker to move into the PC business — I’d say it was almost impossible,” de Lencquesaing said. “One way is acquisition, another way is — if you’re willing — to invest massively and lose a lot of money for a long time.”

That first sentence… it just WREAKS of foreshadowing. Did anyone else immediatly think of Palm CEO Ed Colligan’s statement regarding Apple trying to enter the mobile phone market? In case you forgot that quote, here it is:

“We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone… PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.”

And how wrong he was. Could Acer be just as wrong in this case?

Does Dell Get Dissed?
Acer and Dell are both computer companies trying to get into the Smartphone game. Dell hasn’t had the easiest time and some reports indicate they were pretty much laughed out of the United States with their two current prototypes. If Acer’s Aymar de Lencquesaing isn’t hinting at that in this quote, commenting on Acer’s negotiations with Carriers, feel free to call me out on reaching:

“We’re in discussions with all of them. To date none of them has said ‘thanks, but no thanks, and never come back,'” he said.

Ouch. Any way you look at it, A1 or another name, I would love to see an Acer Android Phone launch before the end of the year.

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  1. I wouldn’t count Nokia out. They already have an internet tablet platform (N800/N810) that runs Linux (Maemo), and there is already an Android port underway. In addition, remember that Nokia acquired Symbian (which they released spun off into its own Foundation), which was the basis for the Psion palmtops and netbooks. (The _original_ “netbook” was a Symbian-based device that ran what eventually became Series 90, which has since been merged into the S60 environment running on top SymbianOS 9.)

    Also remember that there are more Nokia smartphones in use than any other, especially throughout Europe where S60 still remains strong. Moving their internet tablets and upcoming MIDs to Android seems like the next logical step.

  2. Let’s hope the 1 non-Windows phone has some “A1” specs !!!

  3. I would not underestimate Nokia as they once made rubber boots, TV’s, satellite equipment, car tyres, paper and other stuff.

  4. I clearly remember learning basics of computer use and programming on Nokia 286 and 386 machines in the late 80’s…

  5. but nokia did push away google and the rest of the OHA when approached at the beginning. saying they will focus on their symbianOS.

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