Rumor: T-Mobile/HTC Netbook Coming This Year


According to a rumor posted by our friends at TMOtoday, HTC and T-Mobile are teaming up to produce an Android powered netbook with built in 3G connectivity. We’ve heard a TON of talk about Android Netbooks but this is the first we’re hearing about a TMO/HTC Android Netbook and the suggestion that it could launch this year is rather exciting.


While potential Android Netbooks have received a ton of excitement and hype, close to nothing has materialized and more recently, the problems and challenges of Android Hardware built with a much bigger screen has caused some to question if an Android Netbook is anywhere NEAR fruition. Many companies have confirmed they’re fiddling with the platform, but a lot has to happen before a product sees the light of day.

The encouraging thing in this case is that T-Mobile and HTC by FAR have the most experience when it comes to Android and thus have already surpassed many of the Android hurdles in general. HTC currently has a “mobile computer” called the “HTC Shift” that runs Vista… perhaps we’ll see the Shift change gears with an Android version?

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  1. *looks at bottom right corner*
    *presses back button*

  2. I wonder what that Windows key would do. :P

  3. Hmm, wonder if anyone else thinks that you’d look goofy with that big thing pressed against the side of your head whilst you made a phone call…

  4. @Justin: This is a netbook.. not a cell phone.. and this is a photoshopped pic for reference.. Thats why there is a windows key, blah blah blah.. not the actual product, or official mock-up..

  5. Put on a blue tooth headset and you won’t have to worry about it pressed against your face. I’d buy one in an instant if it meant I only had to carry around one device.

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