Official German Cupcake URL Leaks (For Developers)


Update: Official as in “from Google” not official as in “this is what will be delivered OTA”. Also it mostly contains patches from RC9 files, not the full files themselves.

If you’re a German Android developer, you’ll be happy to know that an Official Google URL for the latest Cupcake update has been leaked and you can (at least for the time being) find it here: http://android.clients.google.com/updates/signed-CRB17-from-TMI-RC9-eu.17667e06.zip

Our tipster (Jeff from VacantCanvas) – suggests that it is a broad European version of Cupcake and is forging ahead despite the possibilities:

I think it’s the EU version, but I’m going to give it a try anyways and see what happens… maybe I just have to deal with “flavour” and “colour” for a couple weeks until the US version comes out.

android-forumHe found the update on a German Android Forum (translated to English) called Android-Hilfe.de which actually translates to “Android Help” for anyone that cares in the least. So if you’re either:

  • A brave Android developer
  • A German Android developer
  • A curious cat who is on one of their first 8 lives

See what you can do with the above .ZIP. Speaking of which, no harm can be done from downloading and poking around the files so… you’ve at least got that option.

[Thanks again, Jeff!]

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  1. Im in Brooklyn, NY. I want my cupcake please. Still waiting.

  2. In Jeff’s absence: Unfortunately, the update won’t install on my RC33 US unlocked G1. It appears that its looking for RC9 of (assumingly) the German firmware. There is also “dream” in the path for what its worth. Ill try later to see if I can finagle something.

    Sorry I didn’t leave this in the comments for the world to see. I’m on foot and hammering out an email is way easier!


  3. I have downloaded and will store this on my webserver in the event of it going down (which it might)

    If it does go down and you’re looking to use it, Feel free to get a hold of me via PM on my forums where I’m known as “Sphinx”.


  4. I am in the united states is there any word of it coming here soon.

  5. Well… decided to try this on a regular UK G1 (running RC9) … works great!

    Took about 5 minutes to flash, then another 5 minutes on the new android logo after bootup.

    Firmware version: 62.50S.2-.17U_2.22.19.26I
    Kernel version: 2.6.27-00392-g8312baf android-build@apa27 #72
    Build number: CRB17

  6. Just updated my regular T-Mobile UK G1 with the German update, and it worked fine for me. (Please note this isn’t a recommendation that everyone else goes and updates their phones: i.e., don’t blame me if it doesn’t work for you). Everything seems to be working, except when I go into My Downloads in the market, although all my installed apps are listed, they all say ‘FREE’ next to them instead of ‘Installed’.

  7. Updated my german G1, not ADP. So it’s the regular update. If you harm your phone you have done anything really really bad… dropping it in the pool for example ;)
    Bad thing: the messaging app crashed all the time until I did a factory reset. Now everything works perfect and a lot faster than before (even though I reinstalled ALL apps ;))

  8. This is not a developer build, but the European T-Mobile build, and very probably the build that they will push out OTA.

    Here’s a rather more interesting one: the European version of the Google “holiday” phone build. This is the build used on the handsets Google distributed internally, to employees. It’s a generic, unbranded version, including Latitude and Voice Search (which T-Mobile removed from their European builds). As of version 1.5, the holiday build is no longer “rooted” and so has full access to copy-protected Market apps.


    There is of course also a US holiday build, but I’m afraid I don’t know the URL for that.

  9. Anyone got a site where the EU Google Holiday Edition can still be found ?
    It would be nice to run this until JF comes up with an UK/EU Cupcake for us all.

  10. German users will find updates in the download section of the German Android Forum…..


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