Dell To Cry In Tiny Little Corner Called China


kickballfailIt is no secret that Dell wants to get into the Smartphone game. And furthermore, Dell wants to get into Android (and Android into it). Unfortunately for them, every single American carrier essentially said their product sucked and told them they didn’t want to be friends. As a result, it seems teary-eyed Dell is brushing off the dirt and taking their deflated kickball to play with a company called China Mobile.

ChinaMobile is the largest mobile phone carrier in the entire world so this would be a nice little consolation prize for Dell. The rumor comes from “an insider close to China Mobile” and they further indicate that they “plan to jointly release two smartphone models, currently under testing, that are based on the Google Android’s Open Mobile System (OMS)”.

For all we know, testing will conclude with another “your product sucks, go away.” I suppose it all depends on China Mobile’s stance on new handsets – do they demand high quality or is it “the more the merrier” in that part of the world? Perhaps instead of shlepping sloppy seconds to foreign carriers, Dell should focus on building something that people actually want. Or maybe they should get it over with and buy Palm.

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  1. dell must be gettin a barrel scraping deal with this; their bargaining power must have dropped a lot form the lack of deals

    have there been any pics of said phone?

  2. I don’t get it, where is this little corner Dell is crying in? Teaming up with the largest network in the world and in a country where almost everyone owns a high end phone is great for Dell. Where is the fail in that? Frankly American and European networks suck compared to networks in China and Japan and with the larger user base this can only be better for Dell.

    Another thing, Dell has reviewed the overall design of their handset so probably it wouldn’t be like the first failed attempt. Also, Android handsets and devices is almost non existence so to see you guys slag on a potential manufacture who is ready and willing to get an Android handset out there is baffling

  3. Dell won’t be worse than ZTE, Huawei, or Lenovo…
    China Mobile will probably play with Dell.

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