Patience: Paid Applications Rollout Is Phased


android-market-bagPeople have – at random intervals – been seeing Paid Applications hit the Android Market. Last night a Phandroid Reader Spotted Priced Apps and just about 5 minutes ago they appeared on my G1. The Android Developers Blog just made a post announcing “Priced Applications For US users”:

Last Friday, we enabled developers to upload priced apps and saw a flurry of activity in the days that followed. Today, it is my pleasure to let you know that we have begun the phased rollout of priced applications to T-Mobile G1 users in the US. Once the service is enabled on their devices, T-Mobile G1 users will be able to see the priced apps immediately without the need to reboot. For more details on this update to Android Market, please see last week’s blogpost.

So basically, T-Mobile has to send an update to your device which incorporates the Paid Market elements. Shortly before I saw Paid Apps I was getting loading errors in the Market place. There is no telling how long it will take for all American G1 owners to get the Paid Apps but be patient… they ARE coming and it ISN’T some big conspiracy as to why some get some and others don’t. Unless… eh nevermind… (kidding)

By the way it would be nice to have a method of sorting by price or searching by price or viewing only free apps… or something along those lines. Hopefully that will come at some point but who knows – maybe it is wishful thinking that is an unneccessary feature. Just sayin.

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  1. There is a way… go to view your apps, hit the menu, then click change view..

    come on man a little poking around woulda let you find that out…

  2. I have received the update for paid applications and the update includes a way to view just free apps, just paid apps or all apps at once. While your viewing all games, all apps or a certain category in the Android Market hit the menu button and there will be a “Change View” option, click that and you have the option to view “All items”, “Free items only” or “Priced items only”.

  3. Would also be nice to have Demo versions for games. I doubt someone will pay $5 for a game, without knowing how good is it. And we’ve all seen some terrible games and apps in the past.

  4. Just got mine in the last hour, too. A lot of developers were holding back some high-quality apps until they could charge for them, eh? I mean, those seven farting apps are just genius! Plus one each for burping and cursing!

    I kid. There’s some stuff I’m going to buy very soon: Better Cut, Discover, Klaxon, QUick Office, Dogg Catcher, and MK Remote.

  5. Thanks for the info on SORTING guys. I feel a little – DUH! – right now hehe.

  6. I’m on the most recent JF version and I’m seeing paid apps in San Francisco.

  7. I see all the paid apps… pretty awesome, but some are just way to expensive. To know how good the game is going to be.

  8. And Phandroid News is the first “protected” app hacked on the G1. Congrats!

  9. I have the paid apps now on my phone. But under menu there is no where to choose between paid, free or all…

  10. It was nearly impossible to find a decent app amongst all the idiots asking me to pay $7 for their app that makes fart sounds or does something the phone already does for free. The birth of the paid app on Android has shown a real problem with the open source approach: too many people are idiots expecting us to pay them for their idiocy. The sad part is that I know people will actually pay $2 for an app that toggles the GPS, even though there’s already eight free ones and the phone can do it with three quick clicks. I feel no pity for these people being scammed out of their money (if they’re stupid enough to buy them, then they don’t deserve their money), but I feel sorry for the few developers who worked hard to make decent apps. I just wish I could find them among the garbage…

  11. Odd.

    I had the same situation. I couldn’t access the market for a few. Then, after, I was also able to sort via paid or free apps.

    However, there were still not paid apps! Now, the sort option has disappeared from my market!


  12. @Justin

    What does people writing dumb apps have to do with open source? Nothing. You could write a dumb app closed source on a closed source phone (ex. I’m Rich on the IPhone). What you are talking about is the fact that Google does not review and select the apps that go into the market which has nothing to do with open source. And anyway this is the point of the rating system. If an app is stupid you will see the low rating and you can just pass it by. I think all apps should start with one star and the community should have to vote it up against the other apps rather than taking an average.

    I almost wish Google wouldn’t have pushed this thing as open source because now you have people that haven’t written a line of code in their life bashing the idea with no clue what they are talking about.

  13. I honestly think that payings tons of money on crappy apps that you don’t even know if they work good should be the way to go, I personally think its all BS! If we have to pay for apps then they need to be fluent.

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