Samsung Android Announced at MWC?


Earlier this moring, we learned that a 12 megapixel Samsung phone would likely be announced at Mobile World Congress later this month. But Samsung might have a few more tricks up their sleeve as UnwiredView says that the Samsung Android phone will be announced in the next two weeks. Their source is a GSMHelpdesk.nl and here is the translation of the hopefully true rumor:

Samsung’s first Android handset
If the coconut maroon Samsung will have two weeks to announce its first Android smartphone. How exactly this unit will be and what it will offer, we must still secret, but we can say that it is promising with a lot of convenience as we are accustomed from Samsung.

Two weeks to go, the countdown can begin. Samsung is at least ready, and we of course!


That sounds hilarious and although we can’t vouch for the translation being correct (here is the source) or for the legitimacy of GSMHelpDesk’s information, we’re sure hoping they’re right. And if they are…. we’ll be chanting coconut maroon Samsungs ’til the sun goes down.

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  1. Hmmm… Google translate apparently isn’t up to handling some Dutch phrases:-)

    What it says is:
    And last but not least, Samsung will announce their first Android smartphone in two weeks time. Details on this handset, and what features it will offer, we have to keep secret for the time being. What we can say, though is that it’s a promising set, with the user friendliness we’re used to from Samsung.

  2. GSMHelpdesk is usually pretty good at leaks, BTW.

  3. I can’t wait to get this!!!


  5. Bring on the coconut maroons!

  6. Amazing how much this looks just a mockup of a combination of Omnia/Instinct with a picture of an Android home screen pasted onto it ;)

  7. And it’s not even running android 1.0 (aka release version) that is a screenshot of an earlier emulator version (0.9 or before) because if it were 1.0 it would show either 3G or E in the data icon spot instead of G. ;)

  8. My actual G1 has a G in the data icon from time to time, depending on where I am around town. So I’m pretty sure that’s not an indication of an earlier release, though it is a bit odd.

  9. that’s not how samsung android will look like but… :]

  10. Genisudog254 is right, this looks so fake!! look at the jpeg artefacts around the samsung sign, dial/hangup buttons etc and compare that to how clean the screen is, if you look at the clock you can even make out the seconds. It is obvious that the screen and the phone come from 2 completely different sources.

    Now this is really nothing out of the ordinary. When it comes to photographing anything with a screen no professional photographer takes a photo of the thing with the screen on. They leave the screen off and photoshop it in later. This is so the screen looks super crisp; like how it is in this case.

    But in this case you can tell the screen was added to some compressed jpg off the net, not onto the original hi-res camera shot as you’d expect if it was a professional product shot.

    This image would have been so much more realistic if it’s creator just increased the jpg compression on the screen, then pasted it to the phone.

    That was the front view, but now look at what’s going on with the profile view and the back view LOL… I don’t even know where to begin, it’s all so wrong!!! the profile shot leads us to believe that the back of the phone is silver; but then the back shot shows it to be black. Well at least all the buttons match up though.

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