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When we first heard about the “Dream G2” Android Phone coming from China we immediately pegged it as a super cheap knock off that was trying to leech off HTC’s “Dream” and T-Mobile’s “G1” name. And although we still think the naming is a cheap way to steal the spotlight, we now have a video of the device in action that proves that it’s real and not just a hoax:

It seems to work well but the addition of a stylus and subtraction of physical keyboard is somewhat puzzling. I’m not a big stylus fan though. We also see a power source in the shape of a big, goofy android robot character that gives the phone an “official” feel. Although, being in China and all, getting something like that independently manufactured would probably come on the cheap.

So what do you think of the Dream G2? It’ll probably be a China only occasion but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it!

As a side note, either its a female recording this video or someone has a disgustingly long thumbnail that makes me think their android dungeon doubles as a cocaine warehouse. Nasty!

[Via AndroidGuys, AndroidCentral]

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  1. Well it turns out that this thing isn’t actually running Android, its just a mockup made to look like Android.

  2. My hunch is that for Chinese a stylus may be a better input device than a roman keyboard.


  3. If you’d like a fake Android phone, you can pick it up over here:
    where they actually claim “Google Android User interface. Simulated android look and feel only.”

    What’s confusing to me is… why go to so much trouble to steal/emulate (poorly) an OS that’s freely available?!

  4. @Daniel Howard
    Nice observation. I sure hope that that is the case. I cannot stand stylus’. As slick as some of these phone look, I will never sacrifice productivity for looks by getting a phone without a keyboard. I still hope this phone is successful though.

  5. Language always surprises me to be the missing key with these devices. “My Contract”?

  6. Long thumbnail is a cultural thing, tons of guys do it.

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  8. Notice that when the user went to “Contacts,” it said:
    My CONTRACT is empty.

    Not sure I want a phone with bad Engrish, no matter how cheap it is.

    Does anyone know if the touchscreen works without the Stylus? Seems kind of silly to pull out a stylus to dial a phone number…

  9. When does the “Dreaam G2 phone” release for t-mobile

  10. When does the “Dream G2 phone” get released to t-mobile

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