Android Stealing WinMo Mojo From HTC


Its undeniable that Windows Mobile is one of the few dominant mobile operating systems on the planet. Whether that position is held due to its effectiveness or the sheer global power of Microsoft could be debated. But the sheer size of the company behind WinMo doesn’t make it immune to competition and the news from an unnamed HTC executive proves that:

The HTC executive has also admitted that the new Google offering is hurting sales of Windows Mobile devices of which HTC are the biggest maker in the world.

This little morsel of info comes from Smarthouse.com and as always, we warn on taking unsourced info as rumors only, but this one seems like a logical certainty.

The article points out that although HTC has pushed 1 million plus Android units in 2008, Apple moved a million iPhone 3G devices in only 3 days. But with at least 2 more HTC Android’s set for next year and Samsung, Motorola and other manufacturers putting the pieces together, will Apple or Google see more growth in their mobile OS?

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  1. iPhone sold that much because it has the i and is supported by Apple. Its a great phone, but when you have so much money behind it and a lot of praise then of course it’ll sale good. Android has just started, its new, unknown what may come, but its growing and hopefully it’ll out do all other mobile OSes. I’d enjoy seeing that.

  2. Well also the fact that the 3g iphone was the second generation had something to do with it. Plus the fact that it was a tried and tested product for a while. HTC’s phones are great the g1 is greqat and it will take a year of it being in the open market before it can sell a million units in 3 days. It is too early to tell but no doubt the time will come, specially with more providers offering android.

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