iPhone Running Android? Windows Mobile, Too?


Since Android is an Open Source operating system you could theoretically run it virtually on other handsets and platforms. Just as your Mac can run Windows virtually, the folks at iphone-dev.org have mashed up a solution for the iPhone to run Linux. Porting Android over would be the logical next step.

And so the quest for mobile nirvana continues. I’m curious how many iPhone owners would actually run Android on their device, seeing as how most are nearly religious in their claims that the iPhone trumps all others. So why would you want to run Android, anyway? The other interesting thing is that while the iPhone could (and likely will) have the ability to run Android, you won’t see any Android device running the iPhone OS. So how does that affect the mobile landscape?

One of Android’s other main competitors – Windows Mobile – is getting a little more friendly with Android as well… although keeping it at arm’s length. Chinese manufacturer QiGi has produced a phone called the i6 which can run either Windows Mobile OR Android. However one phone can’t run both… you have to choose your poison. And if its poison you’re choosing you’ll probably go with WinMo while Android is more like a tasty treat.

The phone doesn’t look half bad:

And the specs?

  • A 2.8-inch touchscreen display,
  • On-screen QWERTY keyboard
  • GPS
  • Wi-Fi
  • Quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE connectivity
  • Bluetooth
  • A 2MP camera
  • A 624MHz processor
  • microSD card support (up to 4GB)
  • 109 x 58 x 14.9 mm

Not too shabby! Although, be warned, these Chinese imitation phones are often made cheaply and perform with extremely limited quality. We can’t make any judgement on how well this phone works but… you can’t say we didn’t warn you. But if it’s awesome, we’ll take the credit, k thx yer welcome.

This is all just the start of a developing story that will be unfolding over days, weeks, months and years so… we’ll be here for ya!

[Via EngadgetMobile, UnwiredView]

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  1. I have an iphone, and honestly I’m sick of apple. They really think they’re all that. They scarred to death of google, google is trying to work with apple to provide users a better experience with their apps, but apple rejects the really good ones. Like google voice. I would totally run android on my iphone if I could.

  2. I would I want to run Android on the IPhone? Because show me another device with the same form factor and cpu/gpu power?

  3. i want android on my iphone like now

  4. As soon as I find out how, Im installing android. Apple are too ‘closed’ for my liking. I can see the point of quality control, but the apps suck. Google allowing the freedom will let people expand their ideas rather than fitting them into apples ‘box’.

  5. Nice. If i could dual boot Android on my iPhone i would do it!

  6. I will absolutely run android on my iphone if it becomes available.

  7. Yes please. I’d love a bootcamp style solution. Maybe even maemo.

  8. This would be kind of hard and nearly impossible.
    1- apple would not at all be happy, they will start losing AppStore purchases.
    2- most Android phones have a physical sliding QWERTY keyboard and the iPhone doesn’t, meaning if they have got a virtual keyboard, then its ok.
    3- the iPhone still does not support a Linux kernal or so it can run Android or other phone operating systems
    4- google/creators of android will need to do slot of developing to get some features working, like wifi, built in compas, the head phones with controls and mic, and probably the choice of dual boot (when the device boots, you can select weather you want to boot into android or iPhone os)
    at the end of the day, most things are possible with technology now, all we need to do is wait!

    Sorry if there’s bad spellings I wrote this with my iPhone in portrait.

  9. Looking at the new release of the Nexus One, emulating some buttons like the Nexus seems possible, and then put that OS on it. Zap! We now have an iPhone that runs Android!

  10. I will start working on getting the android OS into my 1g iphone. =) wish me luck.

  11. I would definitely run android on my iPhone.

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