Nov 4th, 2008

I’m not sure how many people would dare hand over their precious tech gadget to a toddler capable of hurling it into a wall, biting it or causing any type of damage. But the Toddler Lock application on the Android Market puts itself on the front lines of danger. Yes… Toddler Lock turns your precious Android Phone into a baby toy.

Random colorful shapes and sounds are seen and heard on the screen and touching/pressing the screen and buttons triggers more of the same. The “Lock” part of the name derives from the applications refusal to do ANYTHING besides act as a toy unless 3 specific keyboard buttons are pressed in unison.

Check it out for yourself:

That’s not ENTIRELY true… the end button will lock the phone and the Home button clears the touchscreen of all the shapes/colors so you can start on a clean slate.

For mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, baby sitters, grandmas and grandpas… this game could be a real blast. Not to mention it could possibly prevent otherwise relentless crying. The app even has an Airplane mode to keep the toddler entertained (read: distracted) during those long rides. Personally, I’d just like to use the toddler lock as a way to lock out other people from applications, folders and content I don’t want them to access… and the 3 button combination would be secret and customized by me!

Great job to the developers of Toddler Lock who took the Android SDK and did something most people never would have thought to do. Its a neat, out of the box concept that can truly be useful to the right person. I don’t have much of a use for it, but I applaude their efforts and hope to see creativity like this with other future apps.

Its a simple application… but it serves a purpose… and WELL. Just make sure you hover over the Toddler who has your phone in their grips and pay close attention or WHOOPS- there goes your phone over a balcony!