Toddler Lock: The Android Baby Toy


I’m not sure how many people would dare hand over their precious tech gadget to a toddler capable of hurling it into a wall, biting it or causing any type of damage. But the Toddler Lock application on the Android Market puts itself on the front lines of danger. Yes… Toddler Lock turns your precious Android Phone into a baby toy.

Random colorful shapes and sounds are seen and heard on the screen and touching/pressing the screen and buttons triggers more of the same. The “Lock” part of the name derives from the applications refusal to do ANYTHING besides act as a toy unless 3 specific keyboard buttons are pressed in unison.

Check it out for yourself:

That’s not ENTIRELY true… the end button will lock the phone and the Home button clears the touchscreen of all the shapes/colors so you can start on a clean slate.

For mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, baby sitters, grandmas and grandpas… this game could be a real blast. Not to mention it could possibly prevent otherwise relentless crying. The app even has an Airplane mode to keep the toddler entertained (read: distracted) during those long rides. Personally, I’d just like to use the toddler lock as a way to lock out other people from applications, folders and content I don’t want them to access… and the 3 button combination would be secret and customized by me!

Great job to the developers of Toddler Lock who took the Android SDK and did something most people never would have thought to do. Its a neat, out of the box concept that can truly be useful to the right person. I don’t have much of a use for it, but I applaude their efforts and hope to see creativity like this with other future apps.

Its a simple application… but it serves a purpose… and WELL. Just make sure you hover over the Toddler who has your phone in their grips and pay close attention or WHOOPS- there goes your phone over a balcony!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. home do you change the 3button combination

  2. This is a truly amazing app! It keeps her quiet (except for the curious noises from the phone) and happy for hours on end! I LOVE it! And it’s free! :)

  3. this is the best if the babies like it im 10 and i play it

  4. This sounds great! If only it were available for other smartphones…

  5. Where do u download the Toddler Lock??

  6. How do you Download the Toddler Lock? or where can you go to download it?

  7. Hi All,

    I have downloaded this application to my phone.However I can not stop it anymore.Would you please help me how to do?


  8. Jude,

    mine was locked so even if you took out the battery it was locked figured it out though hit the four corners of the screen to toddler lock exit screen then hold you voice control button then use an uninstall program or task killer i would never install this program again!

  9. Jude,
    my email is [email protected] if you need more help

  10. Beware… a big piece of crap! It hangs, locks the entire phone and does not exit even after power off. Needed a hack to uninstall it. I would consider this a virus.

  11. My friend has this and I need it! My son loves it, but I have a Pre. Please develope a WebOS version!!!

  12. Is there a comparable app for iphone/ipad? This is great!!!

  13. Looks like after the 2.1 update for the Milestone, this app stopped working.

  14. Is there a comparable app for the Omnia II? My daughter plays this on her Android phone and my son just loves it!

  15. How do you download this?

  16. My 2.5 year old son LOVES this! It’s wonderful to keep him occupied in the car, or in the grocery store. He loves drawing pictures on it. Very good application. I have NO complaints.

  17. this app sucks it reset my whole phone and now it dose not work right at all even after i uninstalled it

  18. Toddler lock is great. Android has some real winners in this category. Best of the animal “see&say” is “Animal Friends” http://www.androidzoom.com/android_games/casual/animal-friends_irjn.html

  19. Help! How do I uninstall this? Rebooted my Galaxy S and now when I boot up the screen is just black. It shows the phone lock text, I can ‘unlock’ it by swiping, but the screen stays black and I can’t access my phone. This happened before and I had to restore factory settings – don’t want to do that again! I didn’t link it to this app, but definitely have now!

  20. Ditto to Daniel. DO NOT INSTALL ON GALAXY S PHONES! The program worked fine, but I had to do a force close. When I later rebooted my phone, it went to a black screen after the initial boot logos. I’m unable to do a hard reset to even remove the application. This bricked two phones on me because I figured the first one was a fluke.

  21. Same deal as above! Galaxy S (Fascinate) bricked by this app! Black screen after boot following having to force close. Had to hold volume up + volume down + power for 4-5 seconds (until smasung boot logo flashes), then release, to boot to safe mode and restore to factory settings loosing all settings and apps. Then, would not authenticate google account. Never thought i’d say this, but thank god for bloatware, youtube app let’s you authenticate to google as a workaround and gets phone back up to 100%.

  22. I have an Epic 4g in my hand that got the black screen, and there doesn’t seem to be a safe mode option to recover, so it seem like a factory reset is the only option.

  23. If anyone know how to put the Epic 4G into Safe Mode I’d love to hear from you

  24. Don’t instaal when your phone does not have qwerty keyboard….

    stupid todler developer..

  25. my one and a half year old loves this app she cries when I take it away from her. Hope there are more great apps like this coming out.

  26. I have twin toddlers, they love this app. Thankfully my wife also has an Android phone, so they can have one each. For older pre-school / primary children (I also have a 4-year-old), I also recommend Simple Paint, which allows selection of colour, painting over a photo and doesn’t auto-clear the screen.

  27. Jan 13th 2011 Toddler lock seems to no longer be available on the Android Marketplace UGH! I love this app!!!!

  28. if you look for another app for your baby or toddler that will lock your phone, check “Happy Baby Faces”. Our guy loves it!

  29. it is a nice game, I agree! If you are looking for other games with a lock mode, check “Happy Baby Faces” and “Animal Sound Game for Toddler” – both are very well made and lock all your phone buttons

  30. The app is still on the Adroid Market. But with another way to unlock. When I downloaded this app I just couldn’t get out.
    The programm said “Turn the four corners of the screen clockwise”. I tried, with four fingers turning together at a time, a mission impossible, but you have to TOUCH the four corners ONE BY ONE, first the left-upper-corner,than the right-upper-corner, then te right-lower-corner and finishing with the left-lower-corner

    1. OMG , i was starting to freak out, i could not get out myself , i restarted my phone several times thinking it would close the app but it turns it back on … yourpost really helped out. THANK YOU!!! LOL

  31. check out Learn Animal Sounds Free – we like it a lot!

    also there is Toddler Video Player Free from the same developer so you can play any video on your phone and lock the phone keys.

  32. I have a galaxy and it works fine.

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