Sep 24th, 2008

The jury is still out on whether rolling through the T-Mobile G1 Press Conference sporting roller blades was a cool thing to do or not…. errrr…. maybe not. Presenting a “revolutionary” product with a product popularized (and past its prime) a decade earlier seems to send a mixed message, does it not?

Nevermind that – I could hardly see the blades anyways. And I forgot about them altogether when he explained the first Android Application he ever made… it got a good laugh from me:

And by the way, I know a lot of people are “dissing” him because rollerblades are like, so 90’s, dude. But I appreciated the gesture. I think it was just Sergey being Sergey… he doesn’t care if they’re cool or not to YOU… he thinks they work just fine. I mean what did you expect… a hoverboard?

And by the way, if you’re a guy and you’ve ever worn “capris” then you have no right to talk. Absolutely no right to talk. I’m just sayin…

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