Install Android on your Nokia N810 Tablet


Even we think it’s kind of crazy how mere video of Android running on an existing device starts a frenzy that tears across the internet. Really guys, is it that exciting? It wasn’t before but perhaps now it is… because there are directions on how to do it yourself complete with downloadable files and an installer.

The directions on how to install Android on a Nokia N810 Intertnet Table are republished below and come from a variety of soucres (cited at the bottom):

  1. Make sure your N810 has the latest software upgrades and is up to date. You should also have a minimum of 110 MB of free space to successfully install Android.
  2. Download and save this file to your tablet and then download and install this file to your tablet.
  3. Reboot your tablet
  4. Start Android from the “Extras” Menu
  5. Enjoy!

If you get this going, shoot us a link to a your video of installing this and playing around with it!

[Via IntoMobile, Pocketables, ITT, Random Musings]

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  1. Will this work on an n95?

  2. According to the android-internals group android has been succesfully ported to the nokia n8X0 series, sharp zaurus and the htc vogue. Looks like the community outruns the commercial efforts ;)

  3. Since the N810 is a Linux based phone and the N95 is a Symbian OS based phone, #1 you can be pretty sure that these files will not work with the N95. That’s not to say that I couldn’t be done.

    I am going to try this on an N800. The N800 is almost identical to the N800 (on slide out keyboard or GPS). Has anyone had success installing it on an N800?

  4. It is possible that the audio works very well in the nokia n810 if I install Android? Please Help me!!

  5. Why don’t you try it yourself and tell us???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Guys

    Where can i find all the files and How to Load Android on to My HP POCKET PC 3870

    Best Regards

  7. I really want this Android OS on my Samsung Instinct. will this work on the samungs???/ thanks

  8. Rob, the android-install.deb file does not seem to be present anymore…can you check on this please?…thanks…pix

  9. when i can’t install android-install.deb in my n810 (use diablo lastest), message “enable to install android-install.đe”, Please help me this problem!

  10. The device is stuck ,it’s not booting only the android symbol along with white background is seen
    Any Help please

  11. I need these files quickly so I can attempt to install android on my old underwood typewriter.

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