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ZTE announces US availability of Grand S and Nubia 5 — will this help them become a major OEM in America?

ZTE has announced that two of their high-end smartphones — the Grand S and the Nubia 5 — will be headed to the United States soon.

ZTE’s premium Nubia Z5 passes through FCC on its way to the US, takes a mean photo on the way

Who is ZTE and what’s a “Nubia”? With only a modest 5% global smartphone market share, Chinese manufacturer ZTE is relatively unknown outside of their homeland of China. While it’s true we’ve seen a handful of their lower to mid-range devices launch here in the US, you wouldn’t know by looking at them. More than […]

ZTE targets the iPhone and Galaxy S3 – Will the Grand S or Nubia Z5 be their weapon of choice?

A few days ago we showed you guys a few images of the ZTE Grand S, a sexy new offering from the Chinese manufacturer with a spec sheet that would make even the highest-end of smartphones blush. Said to be shown off at CES in just a few weeks, the Grand S will come equipped […]

ZTE officially unveils 5-inch Nubia Z5

I never thought I’d be saying ZTE was coming to town with one of the more interesting devices of 2013, but here I am saying it. The company has officially unveiled the Nubia Z5, the smartphone that’s poised to help propel the OEM into the high-end firm it’s looking to become. This 5 inch, 1080p […]