X10 AirPad

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X10 AirPad Overview

The X10 AirPad makes a claim to be the "best tablet for under $200," and it may just be worthy of the title. For the price, you can't complain about the 1.2GHz Rockchip CPU, 7-inch capacitive touchscreen, and 4GB of built-in storage. The AirPad runs on Android Gingerbread, a slight drawback in the age of Honeycomb tablets but still an improvement over other tablets of its class. 

If you are looking a next-gen device with dual-core processing, oodles of RAM, and a tablet-specific version of Android this won't be the deivce for you. If you are, however, looking to get a secondary device with a larger display at a budget price, the AirPad might be worth some consideration.