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T-Mobile myTouch Reviews

"No one issue was unbearable on its own, but when I add up all my qualms about it, I'd ultimately suggest another phone within its class."
Phone Dog
"In this video, Sydney gives a full review of the myTouch by LG and discusses its performance, hardware, camera, and more."
"The T-Mobile myTouch is a good starter smartphone for first-time smartphone users on T-Mobile."
Phone Arena
"Now it’s LG’s turn with the newest version simply being called the T-Mobile myTouch, which is basically a US variant of the LG Optimus Sol."
The Droid Guy
"In a change of pace they went with LG as opposed to HTC as the ODM for the new MyTouch series devices, even though the MyTouch brand has been manufactured for T-Mobile by HTC for 5 previous versions."