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T-Mobile MyTouch Q Reviews

"If you absolutely crave a physical keyboard and swift 4G data for less, you'll find plenty to like about T-Mobile's MyTouch Q. More selective smartphone shoppers, however, will want to look elsewhere."
Phone Dog
"Past myTouch phones have been top-notch and offered excellent performance and features. However, this myTouch is a little different. For one, it's made by LG instead of HTC, the company that made the previous myTouch devices, and the price is a lot cheaper."
"The T-Mobile myTouch Q isn't for power users, but it's a good introduction to Android for budget-minded texters."
Phone Arena
"Sharing the T-Mobile shelf with the LG myTouch is the myTouch Q model, where the “Q” simply means it has a physical QWERTY keyboard for entering text – not the character “Q” from Star Trek TNG."