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T-Mobile myTouch 4G Reviews

"T-Mobile has just made it harder for its customers to choose a new smart phone--in a good way. Not only does the T-Mobile 4G offer a slick (albeit hefty) design, but it has fast HSPA+ speeds and strong overall performance."
"T-Mobile and HTC definitely have a real winner here with the myTouch 4G. The powerful processing speeds paired with HSPA+ data speeds are hard to beat when it comes to watching videos and browsing the Web. The camera is also quite good (though the camcorder's microphones aren't the best)."
"Though video chat isn't ready for prime time, there's plenty to love about the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G, including its speed, sleek and sturdy design, and great call quality."
"The T-Mobile myTouch 4G combines a classy body with the latest software to offer the most you can get from Android today."
"Overall, the myTouch 4G hits almost every checkbox when it comes to features and functionality, but sadly misses the mark completely when it comes to aesthetic and "purity" of the Android vision. In T-Mobile's attempt to make a consumer-friendly phone, we'd argue they've driven in the other direction."
"If you're a myTouch 3G owner, the myTouch 4G is a big step up, and we have a feeling you'll love HTC's latest Android slab phone on T-Mobile. Clearly the phone targets those who don't want a hardware keyboard-- there's the T-Mobile G2 for you folks. The myTouch 4G clearly has more of a consumer and multimedia-oriented set of features than the G2 with T-Mobile TV, a custom music player that also handles Slacker and FM radio and several bundled trial games with good graphics. 4G HSPA+ speeds are very good and the myTouch 4G downloads apps from the Android Market much more quickly than the myTouch3G. And for those of you who need mobile 4G for your iPad or notebook, the myTouch 4G's WiFi hotspot feature makes it brain-dead easy. That service will cost you $15 extra a month, and you'll need to be in one of the 75 metro regions currently covered by T-Mobile HSPA+. That said, even their 3G network pumps data more quickly than does AT&T in many regions. We give the myTouch 4G a big thumbs up, though we wish the display were as sharp as the G2's and as vibrant as the Vibrant's."
"The only drawbacks you may have is the okay camera and the myTouch UI may not be for everyone. If you’re on T-Mobile and want a smartphone, get this handset. If you’re looking to jump to T-Mobile (and have HSPA+ coverage), then you’ll be glad you did if you buy this smartphone."
"If you can overlook the poor battery life it exhibits, you'll find the T-Mobile myTouch 4G to offer a high-level of performance that will appease almost anyone in the market for a smartphone. Just about everything radiates a polished feel, and fittingly, it can be regarded as one of the best handsets available on T-Mobile's lineup. And to make it stand out more from the other devices it's trying to compete with, the availability of HSPA+ connectivity and a front facing camera will undoubtedly add to its overall appeal. So when it's priced at $199.99 on-contract, you can't go wrong with a quality product from HTC's camp as it supplements T-Mobile's high-end Android lineup. It's going to be a tough call for customers shopping around for a smartphone, especially when you've got the Samsung Vibrant excelling in battery life and the T-Mobile G2 offering the convenience of a keyboard. Regardless, the T-Mobile myTouch 4G can't be ignored since it packs a whole lot of features into its streamlined body."
"The T-Mobile myTouch 4G is a very good mainstream smartphone when it comes to its interface, still image quality, and HSPA+ speeds. But in a sea of smartphones that are all nearly uniform, the T-Mobile myTouch 4G does not stand out as one of the prized catches of the day. Instead, the phone is more like a satisfying shrimp cocktail—an appetizer that must work its way into the entrée section of the menu. But this shrimp's got to get rid of its bugs before anyone will want to eat it."
"The myTouch 4G is one of my favorite devices I've used to date. The 3.8-inch screen is a decent size and after carrying a Motorola DROID X for months now is a nice weight change in my pocket. It's very thin and light, but packs a punch with its 4G speeds and exceptional battery life. The price is only average at $199.99 with a two-year agreement, but definitely worth it. The myTouch Sense user interface simplifies Android quite a bit, which can be fairly confusing to first-time smartphone users. This device is great for first-time users and smartphone veterans alike with its impressive specifications and simple UI."