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T-Mobile G2X Reviews

"The T-Mobile G2X has a 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor and HSPA+ support, and it ships with stock Android. It packs plenty of features and performance in an attractive package."
"Beyond the transition from messaging-centric device to multimedia powerhouse, what else is different about the hardware? Is plain Android a vast improvement over the lackluster software that shipped on the Optimus 2X?"
Phone Dog
"Move over iPhone 5: the T-Mobile G2x may be the best high-end device available in the US.  As the first carrier to enter the Android scene, T-Mobile has done a good job with maintaining a diverse lineup of high-end Android devices, and the G2x, made by LG, is no exception."
Android Central
"A vanilla UI and dual-core power combined with open hardware make the G2X one of the best Android phones to date."
Android Community
"T-Mobile’s first dual-core device, LG’s first dual-core device, and back when it when people called its very close relative the Optimus 2x, the first dual-core period."
"That all changes with the G2x however, which is no doubt LG’s answer to Samsung’s Galaxy S family of smartphones in the United States."
Slash Gear
"The T-Mobile G2x doesn’t bother with the docking accessories of AT&T’s ATRIX 4G, instead expecting its own dual-core potential to stand on its own feet."
Into Mobile
"Essentially the LG Optimus 2X, but with stock Android and HSPA+ support, the G2x hits all the right spots in terms of power and features, all packaged in a simple design."
Tech Crunch
"Perhaps the most powerful phone on the market, the G2x is certainly impressive technically, but physically it’s uninspiring, and a lack of compelling HD and gaming content catering to Android makes its greatest assets underwhelming."
Mobile Burn
"Basically a re-badged LG Optimus 2X, the G2x performs amazingly well in benchmarks, thanks to its 1GHz Tegra 2 CPU, and has the nuts when it comes to mobile gaming, as evidenced by the included Need For Speed: Shift game, which was tons of fun."
"The T-Mobile G2X is a no-frills powerhouse that excels at gaming, multitasking and video."
"The loaded T-Mobile G2x with Google is the fastest, smoothest Android smartphone available today."
Laptop Mag
"As T-Mobile's first dual-core superphone, the G2x is blazingly fast and delivers pure Android goodness."
Phone Arena
"Re-branded as the T-Mobile G2x, which is Tmo’s variant of the popular LG Optimus 2X, this fitting $200 on-contract Android powered device seemingly might be the device that will characterize LG as a prominent player."