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T-Mobile G1 Videos

Noah Reviews G1
Noah from Phonedog.com reviews the T-Mobile G1 and although he has complaints - including the lack of 3.5mm headphone jack, the "chin", no stereo bluetooth - but argues that its so much fun that the problems are completely overcome by the coolness of Android.
G1 Customer (Don Thorp) First Impressions
Its nice to get impressions and feedback from regular people like you and me. Here is one from Don Thorp who talks about his buying experience and first little bit of time using the T-Mobile G1.
WebTV on the G1 Google Phone
I hate that they call this the Google Phone but whatever. The Gadget Show calls it the most anticipated phone launch since the first iPhone and says it shows HUGE potential and will only get better.
Eric From HTC Gives G1 Hands-On
Eric from HTC, formerly PhoneScoop, gives the T-Mobile G1 a hands-on demo. This took place from the live launch event in New York City.
T-Mobile G1 Launch Event in NYC
Watch T-Mobile, HTC and Google execs announce the launch of the T-Mobile G1 in New York City and show a promotional video that follows.
G1 Love - Android Rap Song
A fan-made rap song about Android and its first ever device called the Android Rap Song aka G1 Love.
T-Mobile G1 Photo Opportunity
Google, HTC and T-Mobile representatives pose with the G1 for a photo opportunity after the launch event press conference in New York City ends.
Black vs. Bronze T-Mobile G1
Initially called the Brown T-Mobile G1, the color of the device shown is now referred to as "Bronze". They get called out in this video, at the NYC launch event, because it does NOT look very brown. Bronze suits it much better.
T-Mobile G1 Unboxing
The T-Mobile G1 gets unboxed by Phandroid.com and you can sense the excitement. The 1+ year wait finally ends as the first Android Phone launches!
Quick Overview of the G1
A quick review of the hardware, software, specs and apps on the G1 performed by us here at Phandroid.com!
Cool Features & Demo
Who better than give us an overview of the phone than T-Mobile themselves?!?! This was filmed at the launch event in New York City.
Jon4Lakers Reviews the G1
After giving it great scores reviews across the board on hardware/features/softwares, Jon4Lakers gives the T-Mobile G1 a 4.5 out of 5 stars... not bad, eh?