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The T-Mobile G1 is 6 years old, let’s take a trip down memory lane!

It’s the year 2008. “Britney Spears” is the most-searched term on Yahoo.com. Tina Fey is impersonating Sarah Palin on SNL. Google and HTC release the very first phone to run a new operating system called “Android.”

From the G1 to the DROID MAXX — here’s my Android history (and we want to hear yours!)

As a big fan of Google’s, what it was time to transition to the new wave of smartphones, I didn’t want an iPhone or Blackberry — I wanted Android. It was at that point that I’d decided I was going to grab the T-Mobile G1 the first day that I could. This is my Android history.

T-Mobile G1 Celebrates Its 4th Birthday (That’s 80 In Smartphone Years)

The T-Mobile G1 may not have been the beginning of your Android journey, but for those that that were some of the first people to experience the pure wonderment of the first device running the open Android operating system, it will always hold a special place in your heart. Which, I’ll admit — is a […]

T-Mobile G1 Tries On Android 4.1 Jelly Bean For Size, Asks If It Looks Fat [Video]

Our minds were blown back when those wacky ROM devs were somehow able to port Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to the now ancient T-Mobile G1. Now, it looks they’re at it again, dusting off the G1 one more (final?) go on the latest Google dessert: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Naturally, you shouldn’t expect much. […]

HTC G1 Receives Working Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Port [Video]

They said it couldn’t be done. Who’s they? Well, I don’t know… Google? HTC? Whichever company or OEM that likes to use “device specs” as a cop out for not keeping their devices up-to-date with the latest Android firmwares. I mean, for gawd’s sakes, we have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich running on the Godfather […]

Happy Birthday! T-Mobile G1 Officially Turns 3 Today

I may have jumped the gun in a previous post but it was 3 years ago today, that the Godfather of Android, the T-Mobile G1 was officially released unto the world. That makes the G1 only 3 years old in people years but in the ever evolving mobile world, it’s ancient. The HTC G1/Dream debuted […]

[UPDATED] 3 Years Ago Today, The T-Mobile G1 Was Officially ANNOUNCED

3 years may not sound like much in people years but in smartphone years — that’s like Clint Eastwood status. It was 3 years ago to this day that T-Mobile officially announced the G1. It was the smartphone that started a revolution. T-Mobile made a booboo today when they tweeted that the G1’s birthday was […]

CyanogenMod Officially Discontinues G1 and MyTouch 3G Support After CM6

The folks that make up Team Douche have officially announced that the original Android phone and its cousin, the T-Mobile G1 (HTC Dream, Android Dev Phone 1) and the MyTouch 3G (HTC Magic, aka G1 without a keyboard and – in some cases – more RAM and a headphone port) have been dropped from the […]

HTC Wildfire, Magic (myTouch 3G), and G1 Latest to Receive Honeycomb Ports [Video]

Honeycomb is beginning to reach back into the archives with a couple of new ports for older devices. By older, we mean two of the original Gs to hit the scene, the T-Mobile G1 and the myTouch 3G. This further spits in the face of the notion that Honeycomb requires a set of minimum specifications, […]

[Update: a G1 Rap Song From Rob] T-Mobile No Longer Offering the G1

While Google stopped offering the Nexus One well before the Android engineers took full advantage of its hardware, we can’t say that the device has reached “true” end-of-life: Google’s just not going to be the ones to get it into your hands. Unfortunately, the original “Google Phone” (Remember that one?) – what we hold close […]

G1 and MyTouch Still Moving Along With Froyo Thanks to Cyanogen and Friends

It was once believed that the T-Mobile G1 (aka Android Dev Phone 1 in the developer circuit and HTC Dream in other parts of the world) could never die: it was, after all, the first Android device ever created that brought about a ridiculous amount of support from nearly every major player in every part […]

CyanogenMod Targeting Eight Devices for Android 2.2

Now that Google has open-sourced the code for Froyo (Android 2.2) you better believe the folks at CyanogenMod aren’t just going to sit on their hands and wait for the manufacturer’s to port the OS to their phones. Not in the least, as the team is already plugging away at the next version of their […]

XDA Ready to Serve Dessert, Froyo Seen Running on a MyTouch 3G [Video]

Before you read the rest of this post, watch the video: the music will make you happy. Anyway, Android-France has a video showing an unofficial port of Froyo on the HTC Magic. We knew the XDA scene was hard at work on SDK image-based ports for the Magic/T-Mobile¬†MyTouch 3G already (as well as the T-Mobile […]

[Update] Original Android Phones Possibly Receive First (Unofficial) Port of Froyo

It’s only been one day since Google announced Android 2.2 and released the SDK to the public (and it’s been less than an hour since we reported that Froyo would technically be able to run on older phones such as the T-Mobile G1), and now a bootable ROM has already (supposedly) been ported to both […]

Froyo Technically Possible on the G1, Still Not Likely to Receive Official Update

At this point, I’d be surprised if anyone still thought that the ‘Godfather’ of Android devices – The T-Mobile G1 – had enough juice left in them to make Google want to aim their latest and greatest at it. While the Android team wishes the G1 could still keep up with the Joneses, they’ve formally […]