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    Last Updated: Nov 16th,2010

    The future of mobile phones has arrived���¢�¢â�š�¬���¦ and it starts with the T-Mobile G1.

    Produced by HTC and powered by Google Android, the T-Mobile G1 makes use of 3G network speeds that not only provide amazing connection and clarity for phone calls, but usher in a new era of mobile internet use that is unprecedented.

    The G1 is a perfect balance between hardware, software and connectivity. Starting with the actual phone, the G1 offers a gorgeous and responsive touchscreen, trackball for precision and navigating ease, and a Full QWERTY keyboard that makes typing long emails and documents a breeze. All these options and flexibility fit in a compact, sexy and sleek device that HTC is so famous for producing.

    While the T-Mobile G1 is packed to the brim with features and specs that any tech enthusiast would envy, the real power comes in the software. Imagine having a phone that could do everything your home computer can do and more. You can easily browse through hundreds and hundreds of software applications, download them onto your phone almost instantaneously and use your mobile phone for things that you previously only dreamed it could do.

    With the T-Mobile G1, you don���¢�¢â�š�¬�¢â�ž�¢t have to Dream any more.


    • Take a picture of a barcode with the G1 camera and it will instantly show you a list of local and online retailers who are selling the product more affordable, with contact information and all!
    • Take the G1 to the golf course and know exactly how far your ball is from the hole with an overhead view, wind direction/speed and other features that will take your game to the next level.
    • Use your T-Mobile G1 as a travel guide, with guided audio tours, local locations of interest and more!
    • The list goes on���¢�¢â�š�¬���¦ and on���¢�¢â�š�¬���¦ and on���¢�¢â�š�¬���¦. LITERALLY

    The reason your T-Mobile G1 can do more than any other phone is because it is OPEN SOURCE software. Basically, all the talented software developers in the world can easily make applications and software for the G1 and allow YOU to download it.

    If you can dream it up, someone out there is probably making it or already has. The long list of things you can do with your phone will grow and grow and grow as more and more applications are made for Android. The T-Mobile G1 is truly a revolutionary device that will change the way the world perceives mobile phones.

    Your dream phone has arrived���¢�¢â�š�¬���¦ and it���¢�¢â�š�¬�¢â�ž�¢s the T-Mobile G1���¢�¢â�š�¬���¦ take a look around and see what the Android revolution is all about!

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