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Sprint HTC Hero Reviews

"The Sprint HTC Hero immediately becomes the best phone the carrier offers – that is the bottom line. The specs don’t blow you away but they MORE than get the job done. The build and design are solid and classy – not a masterpiece but visually appealing for sure. Android alone is awesome but HTC Sense takes it to the next level and the “lag” is gone. If Sprint could improve the performance of their exclusive applications I’d kick this a notch above the GSM Hero… for now it is just equal."
Mobile Tech Review
"It's hard not to love a Hero, the HTC Hero on Sprint in this case. It's replete with features and those features work well. HTC's customized Android is a joy to use: it's fun, efficient, full-featured and highly customizable."
Skatter Tech
"The HTC Hero is a powerful smartphone and has a lot to offer. The hardware is excellent and the Android software is truly flexible. If you are currently in the market for a new phone, I would highly recommend taking a look at the Hero. I would definitely rank the Hero as one of Sprint’s best phones along with the Palm Pre. I wouldn’t suggest it for customers that aren’t tech-savvy, want a cheap plan, or don’t need business features."
"The Hero is Android perfected and it is an excellent phone. I would recommend it over the Palm Pre and, dare I say it, something like the iPhone 3G. $180 isn’t too much to pay for the best Android phone on the market."
"This phone will handle everything you throw at it, and come back for more. HTC’s customizations on the Hero go a long way to show the power of Google’s Android operating system, and HTC Sense puts a beautiful and functional polish on the look and feel of Android."
Wall Street Journal
"Overall, I found the HTC Hero to be the best Android phone I’ve tested, and a worthy competitor to the iPhone, the BlackBerry and the Pre."
"The princess might not kiss this Hero because it's kinda ugly, but at least it'll actually get the job done now. If you've been waiting for an Android phone not on T-Mobile, or one that's finally just about ready for primetime, this is it."
"While it could use a boost in the performance department, the HTC Hero is the most feature-packed Google Android device to date, bringing some notable improvements and a highly customizable interface."
"everything else besides the hardware design was pretty much the same."
"liked the camera, battery life, 3.5mm headset jack, flash and USB Mounting. They manage to find irritations with the HTC Sense customizations noting... guess what? LAG! But we all know this will likely be cured soon."