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HTC Giveth and Taketh Away: Root Exploit for Android 2.1 Sprint Hero Patched Up

Reports came in a few days back that the Sprint HTC Hero – recently updated to Android 2.1 – was rooted. While we didn’t report on the breakthrough by the development community over at XDA back when the exploit first made its way to the surface, we feel the need to report on the fact […]

[Update] Sprint HTC Hero Users: Your Time Has Come to Update to Android 2.1

[Update 2]: The download site that we linked to earlier should now be showing the update (here’s a direct download link, and here’s a link to the PDF file for more information). The file is 118 megabytes in size. [Update]: As of 9:05 am Central time, there doesn’t appear to be any links available from […]

May 21 Now Being Heralded For Sprint’s Hero 2.1 Update

After a few swings and a whole lot of misses, we’re now getting a new date for the supposed (and I use that word very strongly) update for the Sprint HTC Hero. A lot of windows have been missed, including a May 7th date that would’ve helped to soothe the pain of many Hero users […]

Sprint HTC Hero Getting 2.1 Update May 7th? Best Buy Seems To Think So

I know you’re all getting tired of the OTA (or OTW) shenanigans lately, but it’s only right we report on any plausible evidence of an update headed your way. This time, a Best Buy internal document (I used to work for Best Buy and it looks pretty legit) shows that an update will be available […]

Swing And A Miss: Sprint’s Rumored 2.1 Rollout Comes And Goes

Two weeks ago, we reported on an image that suggested Sprint would begin its Android 2.1 rollout for both of its current Android phones in early May. Over the weekend, it appeared that Sprint might actually have lived up to the rumor, but there seems to have been some confusion regarding its immediate availability. The […]

RUMOR: Sprint HTC Hero Getting Android 2.1 On April 9th

File it as a rumor and tread carefully as you direct your eyes at an alleged screen shot of an internal Sprint document suggesting there will be a “maintenance release tentatively scheduled for April 9th”. It doesn’t say 2.1 directly, but the anonymous tipster suggested that the problem with picture thumbnails solved by the update […]

Sprint HTC Hero, Samsung Moment Getting 2.1 In April?

While Verizon Wireless Droid owners still dream of the 2.1 they were promised, Sprint customers are getting a promise of their own – “coming weeks” and “April” are some of the open-ended frames used. This is in regards to the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment and the information was leaked in an internal document discussing […]

Sprint Hero & Moment Getting Android 2.1 “Early 2Q10″

We just told you that the Droid Eris and HTC Hero were getting the Android 2.1 update and now we’re getting confirmation, additions and a timeline from Sprint. The carrier will be upgrading both their Sprint HTC Hero and Samsung Moment to Android 2.1 and this will be happening in early second quarter – likely […]

HTC Droid Eris & Hero Getting Android 2.1

HTC CEO Peter Chou today confirmed that the HTC Droid Eris for Verizon, the HTC Hero for Sprint, and the HTC Hero for European markets will all be getting upgrades to Android 2.1. In addition, those phones with HTC Sense will be getting the improvements – such as Helicopter view – pushed to their phones. […]

Sprint Hero & Moment To Get Android 2.1

Usually when a mobile carrier/manufacturer needs to “clarify” something in terms of dates or updates its about delaying, pushing back, or doing something else you don’t want them to do. For once, Sprint and HTC have made us very happy by doing what we DIDN’T expect them to do: they scratched the Sprint HTC Hero […]

Sprint Hero/Moment To Get Android 2.0 1H 2010

If you’re a Sprint customer with an HTC Hero or Samsung Moment you’re probably stuck with Android 1.5 and wondering when the heck you can get a robot-injected 2.0 shot, right? Well load up the freezer and stock your basement with emergency disaster supplies because Sprint just tweeted that the update is coming “roughly 1H […]

A Faster Hero with New Update?

In the last 48 hours most of our Sprint Hero readers are reporting major performance improvements in Sprint’s latest firmware update. According to user comments from our firmware report people in general have experienced better picture quality, more function buttons during calls and a faster UI interaction. James writes, ” I noticed there is now […]

Deals on the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment ($80!)

Are you a Sprint customer looking to make the switch to an Android device? Well Best Buy and Amazon have some deals for you. Currently Best Buy has both the Samsung Moment and HTC Hero available for $100 with a two-year deal. If you’re trying to save an extra $20 and dig a physical keyboard […]

OTA for Sprint Hero Users

What’s that in the sky? Is it a plane, a star, a superhero at night? Well it could be considered a battery savior. Today Sprint released an OTA for Hero users. The update is supposed to fix various issues, including the SMS battery drain. I guess this might answer the question of whether or not […]

Sprint Hero SMS & DST Update Coming, No 2.0 Yet

Baby steps. That’s what owners of the Sprint HTC Hero have to live with when it comes to getting more goodness out of their Android phone. We’ve told you about the battery problems, DST mix up and other irritations causing Sprint Hero owners some frustration and the GOOD news is that a maintenance fix is […]