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Sony Xperia Tablet S Reviews

The Verge
"The Xperia Tablet S is one of my favorite Android tablets yet, but to be honest I can't totally explain why."
"The Xperia Tablet S has an excellent design, but there are cheaper alternatives that provide similar and better tablet experiences."
"Granted, most tablets we've tested hiccup at least a little, but for $399 you might be better off low-balling it for the same specs."
"This could be such a capable and fantastic device, but it had its brains scrambled at birth. Sony should just get out of its own way, do less, and let Android and the hardware speak for itself."
"The Sony Xperia Tablet S is a solid home entertainment focused Android tablet, with an elegant design and some useful built in extras, but mild performance issues and poor battery life temper our enthusiasm."
"The slimmed-down but still stylish Sony Xperia Tablet S boasts a number of multimedia apps and access to Sony's online entertainment catalog."