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Sony Xperia T Reviews

"The Xperia T is one of Sony's best Android efforts yet, but when compared to the incredibly high standard of the competition, it's not quite as impressive as it should be."
"It's difficult to pin any major improvements or innovations that the Xperia T brings to phone buyers."
"As it stands, it is the best smartphone Sony has made but in the rapidly changing and fickle market of super-powered phones with unique features, it faces fierce competition before the Autumn launch."
"If you're looking for your first smartphone then this would no doubt be an excellent choice. But if you've already got a top-tier smartphone from either this or last year, there might not be enough here to warrant a change."
"The Sony Xperia T hasn't got the raw muscle of some of its rivals, but there's enough to get you interested. And once you go and give it a try, the design and handling will hardly let you down."