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Sony Xperia T, TX, V and SP scheduled to receive Android 4.3 later this month (or early Feb)

Sony never beat around the bush when it came to Android updates for their Xperia line of devices. Back in November, they made clear their plans to update specific devices to Android 4.3. In December, we saw the Sony Xperia Z, Sony Xperia ZL, Sony Xperia ZR, and Sony Xperia Tablet Z all receive their […]

Sony provides updates on Xperia Jelly Bean plans; some phones not invited to party

Our friends at Sony have taken the time to update the masses on its Android 4.1 Jelly Bean rollout plans for the foreseeable future. For starters, they’ve confirmed that the Xperia T, Xperia V and Xperia TX’s upgrades will go out as planned throughout the months of February and March. The Xperia P, Xperia J […]

Rogers pushing Jelly Bean to HTC One X and more in January

Rogers has updated the release schedule for the Android 4.1 upgrade for several of their top-teir handsets, including the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy Note. January is the month to watch if you own either of those handsets or the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE, Motorola RAZR HD, and Sony Xperia T. The adjusted schedule […]

Sony giving away the sexy Xperia T “Bond Phone” in new Skyfall contest

After officially announcing availability of the AT&T version of the Sony Xperia T/TL a few weeks back, Sony is now holding a contest that looks to give 1 lucky Android users a brand new Sony Xperia T “Bond Phone.” The promotion tied in with Sony Pictures’ upcoming James Bond film, Skyfall, has entrants watch a […]

Sony provides Jelly Bean upgrade timeline for Xperia devices, 2011 models left out

On the heels of delivering Ice Cream Sandwich to many of their 2011 and 2012 smartphones, Sony is now providing details on the upgrade to Jelly Bean. Sony plans to upgrade their entire lineup of Xperia phones from 2012, but much to the chagrin of owners of older devices, their 2011 models will not see […]

Sony celebrates Xperia T global rollout with new ad fit for Bond

The Sony Xperia T — the only smartphone fit for agent 007 himself — has started its global rollout today, and Sony is celebrating with the introduction of a new TV spot harkening to the adventures of Mr. Bond himself. The spot was made under the watch of blockbuster director Joe Carnahan and begs the […]

Sony Xperia T ad asks you to unleash your pictures on the world [VIDEO]

Sony is continuing their new Xperia ad campaign with a new 60 second spot for the Sony Xperia T. This ad focuses on the device’s superb camera and image sharing abilities. It doesn’t do much to showcase the rest of the device but if photos are your thing then this should be enough to get […]

AT&T-ready Sony Xperia T shows face at the FCC

The last time we saw the Sony Xperia T at the FCC, we were disappointed to learn that the version in question did not show signs of support for AT&T’s network. We remained hopeful that rumors of a 4G version for the US carrier would pan out, and it looks like it’s paying off. The […]

Sony’s new PlayStation Mobile content coming to Xperia handheld

Sony has announced the advent of PlayStation Mobile, a new content platform where users can download gaming titles made specifically for PlayStation certified devices. Over 30 different titles from many genres will be available to start, and Sony will be giving developers the tools they need to develop and publish their own games for distribution […]

SIM-free Sony Xperia T could be delayed until January

Sony hasn’t managed to make it to the top three Android manufacturer list yet, but they have some great options when it comes to SIM-free devices. SIM-free Sony Xperia devices usually come very affordable, while still being very capable devices. The Xperia T is a great option for those that want a powerful device that […]

Sony Xperia T makes the journey to the FCC

En route to a release later this fall, the Sony Xperia T has made a pitstop at the FCC to gain the governing bodies approval. The phone, which was unveiled at IFA earlier this month, is shown stripped and shelled, giving us a real insiders look at the device. Pardon the pun. What we do […]

Sony Xperia T listed for October 1st launch in the UK

The high-end Sony Xperia T turned some heads when it was unveiled in Berlin a couple of weeks ago, and now we might have an idea of a landing date for those who were convinced enough to buy it. UK retailer Unlocked Mobiles has it listed for an October 1st launch date. Although retailers usually […]

AT&T-branded Xperia T shows up on UK retailer site

It looks like AT&T might be thinking about carrying the Sony Xperia T soon. UK retailer Phones4U accidentally posted a press shot of the Sony Xperia T with AT&T branding on its listing. While this isn’t hard confirmation that AT&T is set to bring the device out it’s a rather clean render and there’s no […]

Sony Xperia J, V, and T get priced in Europe

Following a sizable showing at IFA, three of Sony’s latest devices have been priced in Europe. German retailer Idealo has the Sony Xperia T listed at €549, and the Xperia V is being offered for €580. Those are on the higher end of Sony’s late 2012 spectrum, but there’s a budget option for folks to […]

James Bond will be rocking the Sony Xperia T in Skyfall

We just got a an update from the Sony Xperia Product Blog on our Google Reader list, where the writer mentions his favorite features from the company’s latest devices. Typically, I ignore most of the stuff since it’s the usual PR stuff. However, one line caught my eye: James Bond handset of choice in Skyfall, the latest […]