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Sony Xperia S Reviews

"The Sony Xperia S has an undeniably gorgeous HD screen, high-quality audio, an impressive camera and plenty of clout. But it's let down by clunky handset design and software that could be more streamlined."
Pocket Now
"Scratch the Ericsson from the name and now we meet the Xperia S, which is not only their first Sony branded smartphone, but their new flagship in the NXT Series."
"The Sony Xperia S is the brand's first smartphone since it parted ways with Ericsson. But has it got what it takes to take the Android crown?"
Pocket Lint
"The Sony Xperia S is the flagship handset in a line-up from a newly refreshed Sony Mobile. With the Ericsson branding swept aside, Sony is striving forward with a new range of devices for 2012."
Mobile Syrup
"The Xperia S has the makings of a great smartphone: a sharp (and not overly sized) display, a formidable dual-core processor, ample internal storage, plenty of megapixels, and a fantastic design with excellent materials."
Slash Gear
"The Sony Xperia S is something of a smartphone stepchild: the first smartphone to bear Sony’s sole brand in recent years, but developed under the loving care of the Sony Ericsson partnership the Japanese company bought itself out of."
"The Xperia S is a large and somewhat ungainly smartphone with a superb screen and some high-end features. However, it's severely let down by its lack of storage expansion and sealed-in battery."
Phone Arena
"Sony is starting fresh after 10 years of marriage with Ericsson, and thus the Xperia S marks a whole lot of firsts for it."