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Sony Xperia P Reviews

The Verge
"Its Achilles' heel was shipping with Android 2.3, and the P fares no better in this department. So can the Xperia P rise to greater things? Or is it just a case of Sony miniaturizing its mistakes?"
"While the Xperia P has more design charm and better build quality, the Xperia S is already being substantially discounted in the UK, with a grander camera, larger screen and more capable processor."
Android Central
"The Xperia P has a lot going for it in the arenas of hardware and multimedia prowess. But the use of Gingerbread is a big problem for the device, as it is for the other Xperia NXT handsets."
"The Sony Xperia P rolls out in the middle of Sony's line of NXT handsets following the separation from Ericsson. It is mid-range both in terms of specs and size, but falls into an extremely competitive market."