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Sony Xperia Ion Reviews

The Verge
"Mid-range phones are all about compromise, and the Xperia ion is definitely compromised."
"The $99.99 Sony Xperia Ion looks like a good Android deal but its weaknesses make it not worth even the budget price."
"What's the verdict? Well, if you've been following along you already know that the Ion has two irreconcilable faces -- and one tempting price tag."
Tech Crunch
"The Xperia Ion definitely leans to the more premium end of the mid-range spectrum, and it tries valiantly to punch above its weight with features like its solid camera, media functionality, and great display."
"Flash forward to today. You're holding what would have been last summer's best phone."
Android Central
"Sony has done a great job with this device, while they still have customized the UI, they haven't gone overboard and they have kept the AOSP speed that we have grown to love. The small additions like the quick launch for the camera and built in panoramic are greatly appreciated, but we could do without some of the bloat."
"The Sony Xperia Ion is a quirky yet powerful media phone with terrific TV connectivity options and poor call quality."
Laptop Mag
"The Sony Xperia ion combines a sharp 12-MP camera and fast 4G speeds for a good price, but the older OS and hard-to-read buttons are turn-offs."
Phone Arena
"Call us jaded, its specs sheet no longer commands our attention, but maybe Sony needed to do something else to rekindle our interest in it once again? Well people, they surely managed to do just that by attaching a competitive $99.99 on-contract price point to it."