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Sony SmartWatch Reviews

The Verge
"The Sony SmartWatch is an intriguing device — a secondary display for your Android-powered handset that provides quick access to notifications from select apps and services on your phone."
"Well guess what, haters, the smart watch is back and with a vengeance. A slew of new devices including the Sony SmartWatch will be landing on store shelves this year. "
Slash Gear
"The concept is the same – put a tiny sub-display on your wrist, so that you can monitor your phone’s notifications from afar – but the hardware has received a welcome boost, with an OLED touchscreen promising more intuitive navigation."
Techno Buffalo
"Sony’s SmartWatch disappointed me. Some of that has to do with expectations and preferences: Given SmartWatch’s positioning as a secondary display tethered to a primary device (smartphone), I view it as a luxury gadget that had better be packing high-end aesthetics, bleeding-edge wizardry, or both."
Android Community
"This little Android-powered watch is quite unique with its OLED touchscreen display, but is it worth the buy? That is the question."
Talk Android
"Well, with everything I’ve had to say about the Sony SmartWatch, you might think it’s not very smart at all. To a degree, I would agree with you. There’s really no smarts on the watch itself."
"The first thing that struck us was that the SmartWatch really isn't all that smart on its own."
Laptop Mag
"The Bluetooth-connected Sony SmartWatch puts information from your smartphone always at arm's reach, but it's not as versatile as we'd like."
"The Sony SmartWatch is the best "geek watch" so far, but it still doesn't quite break through to the mainstream."